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In our quest to create the experiences of The Divine Destination Collection, we have always been committed to journeys that combine adventure, luxury/comfort and spirituality. In these current times, we have become acutely aware that the journey is now inward…

What began as a series of calls entitled “The Conscious Conversation Collection”, has evolved where we have now curated an amazing collection of up-close and personal live encounters in many remote and exotic locales…and we are asking you to come along for the ride…all from the comfort of your own home.

Introducing Divine Live and ONLINE…a curated LIVE journey where comfort, adventure and spirituality meet.

A brave new world, requires a brave new offering!

Divine Live and Online is a subscription offering where you choose 1, 4 or all 6 of our unique encounters and join us on ZOOM as we take you beyond borders and beyond barriers to your wildest dreams…

All of our connections are moderated and facilitated by local experts in every destination, who will lead us through each encounter, regale us with their own up close & personal stories and answer your questions…these are exclusive, interactive experiences and not your typical virtual travel videos!

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Churchill Polar Bears
November 25 6:00 p.m. EST  
Lions And Tigers And Bears…Oh My!  

Well just Polar Bears (and potentially a Beluga Whale and more) but come on…up close and personal with the wild and wonderful wildlife around Churchill, Manitoba and Hudson’s Bay…

Video now available for subscriber viewing!


Beyond Gorillas in the mist, we are Up Close and personal on a private gorilla trek in Uganda.

Video now available for subscriber viewing!

…in nature that is …40 DAYS & 40 NIGHTS WITH BOYD VARTY

Up Close and personal into the mind and experience of this man who longed to answer this question… THERE ARE OVER 40 000 ACCOUNTS OF MYSTICS GOING INTO THE WILDERNESS. WHY?

Zelda & Mandela

Video now available for subscriber viewing!


Up close and personal with Zelda la Grange, founding staff member of the Presidential Office of Nelson Mandela who worked by his side for over 19 years.

Perfect Group Cathedral Shot - Camino, Spain

Video now available for subscriber viewing!

PILGRIMAGES & VINTAGES …or the wisdom of wine and walking!Up Close and personal with Sue Kenney famed Camino master (and Pilgrim, Author, Speaker, Coach, Wim Hof Method Instructor) & Jessica Chaikowsky wine scholar and owner of the Wine Agency Gusto Grapes.

Video now available for subscriber viewing!

Nimmo Bay where luxury, refuge and wilderness meet…

That’s “wild” life!… Getting back in the “grace” in the Great Bear Rainforest, an ecological treasure where land and sea join together in a mighty convergence of nature.

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Beware…virtual by definition, means not real…however, BE AWARE: Divine LIVE AND ONLINE is VERY REAL…

Unique travel experiences... where luxury, adventure and spirituality meet!



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