Marrakech Expressions…The Magic Of Morocco

Or, Cheaper by the Bundle!…

Marrakech Expressions…The Magic Of Morocco


Play it again Sam…the mere sentence conjures up the allure and the romance of this exotic locale. Its location at the intersection of Europe and Africa make Morocco a real crossroads bordered by the waters of the Mediterranean and open to the vast stretches of the Atlantic Ocean. This “farthest land of the setting sun” is rich in contrasts, a destination that beckons you to discover two millennia of history.

Our adventure begins in the ochre city of Marrakech where our private guide will take us on a stroll through the Medina and the Souk (marketplace) located in a serpentine set of alleyways with twists and turns that can confuse even frequent travellers to the city! We will then introduce you to a very different component of Moroccan culture: the Berber way of life in the High Atlas Mountains where we will learn about the rich culture, history, flora and fauna of the region with our local mountain guide before joining a local family’s home for traditional bread baking and mint tea making.

This moment, brought to you by Divine Live and Online, brings this country up close and personal to you in your own home… you will swear you can smell the spices, feel the history and the exoticness that defines this unrivalled kaleidoscope of culture that is…Morocco.

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If you are unavailable for the live call, no worries…each call will be recorded and available for private viewing at your leisure for those who subscribe.

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And because it is our vision to always leave a place better for having been there...
In all cases The Divine Destination Collection will make a donation to our hosts' preferred charitable organization in their destination.


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