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Galapagos… Born To Be Wild

Lapping in Luxury and the Unspoiled Life

Galapagos Islands
Galapagos Islands Tortoise
Galapagos Islands Tortoise


Join Us October 26 – November 4, 2025

With the countdown to our Gálapagos trip ticking away, we’ve just been blessed with more time to plan for this extraordinary adventure. Limited spots on the exclusive Infinity Expedition yacht are still available for what promises to be an unforgettable journey.

If exploring the wonders of the Gálapagos has long been a dream of yours, seize the opportunity now and reserve your spot for October 26 – November 4, 2025. It’s a voyage that will ignite your soul and breathe new life into your spirit.

Walk in the footsteps of Charles Darwin. Experience a journey of endless discoveries. Enter a whole new world where time slows down.

The remote paradise of the Galápagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador will leave an indelible mark on your soul and ignite your spirit. The beauty lies not only in the pristine crystal-clear waters but also in the perfect harmony between its’ magnificent creatures and the beautiful creation called Earth.

Surely one of the most amazing places on Earth, the Galápagos Islands are perhaps the only place in the world where you can see wildlife so close. The lack of large predators means that its iconic wildlife – giant tortoises, marine iguanas, vibrant birdlife, inquisitive sea lions and so much more – are fearless of humans. You will become one with nature.

Whether hiking through volcanic landscapes, kayaking through mangrove forests or diving into the bluest ocean depths, the Galápagos offers endless opportunities for adventure, exploration, and endless discoveries.

The Divine Destination Collection’s journey to The Galápagos will touch you in so many ways that your perspective on life will be forever changed. This is indeed travel with meaning.

Experience the magnificent and breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage city of Quito, Ecuador. Come aboard the beautiful Infinity Yacht for our private cruise to some of the most beautiful islands in the world. Come face to face with creatures found nowhere else on the planet. Find awe inspiring beauty every step of the way.


Save $300 per person on your booking when you commit before December 4, 2023
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Pay by USD cheque, bank transfer or money order and save an additional $350 on your booking!

Galápagos… Born To Be Wild
Lapping in Luxury and the Unspoiled Life

October 26 – November 4, 2025

Highlights of our 10 day life-changing journey include:

THE GATEWAY:  Quito, Ecuador –  Casa Gangotena Hotel, (2 nights)

  • Dream on…Welcome to the elegance and luxury of this iconic Relais & Châteaux boutique hotel located in the heart of Quito’s old town.
  • History Abounds…experience the history of this remarkable UNESCO World Heritage city on a walking adventure of the city centre complete with a delicious chocolate tasting
  • The centre of the world…visit Latitude 000 and have your picture taken with one foot in the Northern Hemisphere and the other in the Southern Hemisphere. The ultimate bragging rights! (optional experience)
  • Glorious food…Immerse in the much loved and new tastes of the city – we’ll enjoy delicious chocolate, rich ice cream, lunch at Casa Gangotena and the award winning Nuema restaurant for an extra-special dinner.
  • We get you there…roundtrip flights between Quito and the Galápagos Islands

WELCOME ABOARD:  Exclusive Charter of Infinity Expedition Yacht (7 nights)

  • ON THE SEAS: Exclusive charter of the Five Star Luxury Infinity Expedition Yacht featuring 10 large deluxe cabins and gathering spots, naturalist guides, snorkeling gear and wetsuits, paddle boards and kayaks
  • HEART EXPANDING…Feel the rush of daily hikes, panga/zodiac excursions, snorkeling, and water sports, and explore the remarkable sites and adventures on each island we visit
  • NATURE’S BOUNTY…prepare to come face to face with remarkable creatures such as giant tortoises, blue-footed boobies, sea lions, sharks, coastal sea birds, schools of magnificent fish, sea turtles, penguins and marine iguanas

Casa Gangotena


We’ll stay at this beautiful boutique Relais & Châteaux hotel which enjoys an incredible location directly across from the San Francisco Plaza, right in the heart of the Old City. Near the City Museum, the Santo Domingo Plaza, the Presidential Palace, and other cultural hotspots in the city’s most iconic neighbourhoods.

Its neoclassical architecture, recognized as part of the Old Town’s UNESCO World Heritage status, wraps around a charming patio adorned with palm trees and an original fountain. Inside, rays from the Andean sun bathe the art deco-style rooms in shimmering light. Reflecting the splendor and elegance of a golden age, they boast antique mirrors, painted ceilings, and sumptuous wall frescoes. From the rooftop terrace, as you sip a delicious local coffee, you may catch a glimpse of the snow-capped summit of Volcán Cayambe.

This is the perfect welcome for our time in the heart of Quito.


Infinity Yacht


The Infinity Expedition Yacht was built in 2018 and represents the state-of-the-art when it comes to purpose-built yachts. She has been designed from the drawing board up simply to be the most modern, luxurious, and environmentally friendly motor yacht in the Galápagos.

She has been built to exceed all international maritime safety standards and to provide stunning accommodation to complement the wonderful views you will enjoy from her private balconies.

One of Infinity’s unique aspects is that she is designed to take only 20 passengers. Many Galápagos vessels hold 16, because this is the maximum number of guests that may accompany a Galápagos naturalist guide inside the National Park. Infinity has re-written the rule book by providing 2 guides on board, meaning you will enjoy a much more intimate experience with a group of 10. You will get closer to the remarkable Galápagos creatures and have more time to learn all about these fascinating islands from your informative guide.

Other facilities on board to enhance your enjoyment include kayaks, snorkeling gear, and pangas (zodiac boats).

Your time on board will be special. With 13 crew, nothing is too much for your hosts, and the yacht has been designed with ample space for socializing, fine dining and relaxing with a cocktail. Infinity boasts inside and al fresco dining, an al fresco bar, and a sun deck with stunning views and a jacuzzi pool.

Fine dining in relaxed luxury, Infinity is provisioned with some of the best South American and Old-World wines and a wide range of premium drinks. Complimentary filtered water, soft drinks, teas, and coffees are always available at any time you desire. Food on board will be fine dining restaurant quality, and you will enjoy sumptuous meals in the company of your fellow Divine Destination Collection travellers in the spacious dining area or enjoy a relaxed lunch or barbeque on the al fresco dining porch.

Infinity offers the very latest technology and safety combined with levels of comfort and luxury not yet seen in the Galápagos to let you experience these remarkable islands in the style that befits a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

This ship is remarkable allowing for the perfect cruise for those who want an intimate exploration of the wonders of Galápagos.

A few of the unique traits that the Infinity yacht has in store are her well-appointed accommodations, with large staterooms and private balconies. When you need time to relax in your cabin, Infinity delivers a true luxury experience. Every cabin features panoramic windows leading to private balconies, air conditioning, a locker, closet, and safety deposit boxes. Private ensuite bathrooms are beautifully finished with a shower and all rooms feature flat screen TVs and DVD players.

There are 3 types of Staterooms:


These double cabins are 237 square ft and feature two twin beds that configure to one king bed with panoramic windows and a private balcony.

Infinity Yacht - Main Deck Staterooms


These double cabins are 242 square feet and feature two twin beds that configure to one king bed with panoramic windows and a private balcony.

Infinity Yacht - Upper Deck Staterooms


These double cabins are 348 square feet and feature a King size bed with panoramic windows and a private balcony.

Infinity Yacht - Upper Deck Suites



Galapagos Islands Map


Galápagos… Born to be Wild

Lapping in Luxury and the Unspoiled Life


QUITO, Casa Gangotena Hotel (2 nights)

  • Upon a late evening arrival into Quito, you will be met and escorted via private transfer to the luxurious and majestic Casa Gangotena Hotel in the heart of this fabulous city.  Welcome to Ecuador with a private welcome cocktail at the Hotel and a light snack. This is a great time to mix and mingle with your fellow Divine travellers before heading to your lovely room.
  • Daily breakfast is included and at leisure in the hotel’s restaurant.


Exploring exciting Quito awaits today as we explore this historic Incan city with its’ narrow cobblestone streets, candlelit monasteries, and leafy plazas.

  • Authentic Market Experience…this morning experience true day-to-day Ecuadorian life as we wander through the city’s largest and most popular local market. Our local guides will point out unusual produce and explain the uses of many of the medicinal herbs. Up close and personal with the local way of life. (Optional experience)
  • History Abounds…we’ll experience the history of this remarkable UNESCO world heritage city on a morning walking adventure in the heart of the city centre including a chocolate tasting…Ecuadorian chocolate is world renown for its quality and flavour
  • The Centre of the World…come along for an Instagram worthy visit to Latitude 000 and have your picture taken with one foot in the Northern Hemisphere and the other in the Southern Hemisphere. The ultimate bragging rights! (Optional experience)
  • Shop ‘til you drop…there is lots to explore this afternoon including shopping at the many local stores or the artisan market displaying their wares or enticing you for a physical and spiritual cleansing. Or walk through the streets to visit three of the over 200 churches and monasteries – Basilica del Voto Nacional, the gilded Campania de Jesus and the mammoth San Francisco.
  • Glorious food…Immerse in the much loved and new tastes of the city – we’ll enjoy delicious chocolate, rich ice cream,  and the award winning Nuema restaurant for a special dinner.
  • It’s been a wonderful day. And we’re ready to embark on the rest of our journey.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 28 – San Cristobal Island

  • Welcome aboard…after breakfast at leisure at the hotel, we’re off this morning to the Quito Airport for a flight to San Cristobal Airport where our beautiful yacht Infinity awaits!
  • The adventure begins…we’ll visit one of two amazing locations depending on conditions. Puerto Chino is a beautiful remote beach surrounded by mangroves and is the perfect place for relaxing.
  • One of the main attractions of San Cristobal Island is the Jacinto Gordillo Tortoise Breeding Center. For your first time, see enormous Galápagos tortoises, and many different beautiful species of native and endemic plants of the Galápagos including some in danger of extinction.
  • We’re off to a perfect start on our journey and tonight, we’ll gather Al Fresco for a wonderful Welcome Dinner and beautiful sunset.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 29 – Santa Fe Island and South Plaza Island

  • What will today bring?…After a restful sleep and fabulous al fresco breakfast, we’ll depart San Cristobal for an exciting day on two islands.
  • Bring it on…Santa Fe Island is a tiny rocky island covered in small Palo Santo trees and high opuntia cactuses. You’ll be amazed by large yellow land iguanas, Galápagos buzzards, pelicans, and the famous Blue-footed boobies! While snorkelling or kayaking in the crystal-clear blue-green bay, look for countless tropical fish, rays, sea turtles and playful sea lions.
  • After lunch onboard, we will explore South Plaza Island and encounter colonies of sea lions and land iguanas. There’s also huge numbers of birds – nesting Tropicbirds and Fork-tailed seagulls – and beautiful views!
  • We’re settling into a lovely pace and there’s lots to share with our fellow Diviners during our cocktails and dinner.

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 30 – Santa Cruz Island

  • The evolution of man… Located on Santa Cruz Island, we’ll visit the Charles Darwin Research Station is an international scientific research station
  • Explore the heart of The Galápagos – geology, climate, natural history, and conservation. Our highlight? The Fausto Llerena Tortoise Breeding Center, which breeds giant tortoises. Approaching them in their humid and forested spaces is always an inspiring adventure – get your camera ready!
  • In the afternoon, we’ll see the twin “Los Gemelos” craters surrounded by the native scalesia forest featuring 15 trees and shrub species where live Ruby tyrants and Tree finches live.  Glorious!
  • Hope you brought your costume for tonight’s spooky Hallowe’en dinner in Divine style!


  • Nature continues to amaze…after breakfast we’ll head to diverse Isabela Island, the largest island in the Galápagos and Moreno Point, a volcanic landscape with numerous fresh-water pools and lagoons. You will not believe the sight of multitudes of amazing seabirds including flamingos, Bahama ducks and other birds taking to the blue skies!
  • Afternoon delight…in the mangrove area of Elizabeth Bay. You’re likely to see dwarf penguins, schools of manta rays, turtles, and other giants of the ocean – possibly even surfacing whale sharks! These mangrove woods are home to various species of seabirds and herons. It’s remarkable to see so many things in we’ve never encountered before.
  • We’ll enjoy a delicious BBQ dinner on deck tonight along with some star gazing.  Our hearts are full.
  • Saturday surprises… we continue our exploration of Isabel Island in Urbina Bay. In the Bay, observe land iguanas and the rare Mangrove finch up close with time for snorkeling and swimming with sea turtles, sea lions, and countless tropical fish. You may even swim with magical sea horses!à
  • After lunch we visit Tagus Cove, an historic place where for pirates, buccaneers, and whalers once stood. Perched on the ledges of the cliffs around this deep blue bay, there’s many blue-footed boobies, marine iguanas, brown pelicans, brown noddy terns, swallow-tailed gulls, and tiny Galápagos penguins. Exhilarating, exciting and breathtaking!
  • Tonight, after another amazing dinner, join us as we share photos and stories of all the amazing things we’ve seen and how this remarkable place makes as feel…

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 2 – Fernandina Island and Vicente Roca Point

  • Sunday’s best… today begins on Fernandina Island is not only the westernmost island but also the youngest and most pristine island in the Galápagos after two huge volcano eruptions. Nonetheless, an abundance of wildlife calls this island home, including the famous flightless cormorants, penguins, pelicans, marine iguanas, and sea lions. Espinoza Point has fascinating scenery and we’ll spend our time with literally thousands of marine iguanas which gather in one of the largest iguana colonies in the Galápagos Islands.
  • After a hearty lunch, we’ll travel to Vicente Roca Port.  Here in this protected port, with a bit of luck, we’ll see Galápagos penguins, while Masked- and blue-footed boobies, as well as pelicans, sit perched along the point and its sheer cliffs, and flightless cormorants inhabit the shoreline. A perfect area for deep-water snorkeling and other water activities like kayaking.
  • Cheers to another incredible day full of adventure and nature! Tonight, we’ll enjoy a BBQ dinner and a fun filled games night.

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 3 – Santiago Island and Bartolome Island

  • This day is the bomb…After breakfast, we’re off to Santiago Island, also known as “James Island,” at Puerto Egas beach. Its’ black volcanic sand was visited by Darwin in 1835 and still maintains an abundance of marine iguanas.
  • The rugged lava coastline of James Bay is home to a variety of resident and migrant birds including the bizarre, Yellow-crowned Night-Heron and an astounding array of marine wildlife including lobsters, starfish and marine iguanas grazing alongside Sally Lightfoot Crabs. Colonies of fur seals swimming in cool water pools formed by volcanic rocks are another highlight of this fantastic site.
  • After lunch, we will sail to Bartolome Island, with its fascinating moonscape formed by various volcanic formation including lava bombs, spatters, and cinder cones. We’ll hike to the island’s summit for striking views of the surrounding islands, Sullivan Bay, and the towering Pinnacle Rock.
  • At the beaches at the foot of the Pinnacle Rock, we’ll discover a marvelous underwater world with sea turtles gliding gently alongside you as you snorkel. Beneath Pinnacle Rock, it’s quite possible to spot some of the quick-as-an-arrow Galápagos penguins – some of the smallest in the world.   Keep an eye for harmless Whitetip reef sharks sunning in these waters. For many visitors, this may turn out to be the best of snorkeling experiences in the Galápagos or perhaps anywhere.
  • Tonight, we’ll enjoy a very special Farewell Dinner onboard and remember, with gratitude, the amazing adventure we have had together in this remarkable place.

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 4 – North Seymour Island and Baltra Island Airport

  • Our adventure ends never to be forgotten…It’s our last glorious breakfast onboard as we make our way to North Seymour Island for our last stop.
  • Here we’ll encounter Swallow-tailed gulls, sea lions, and Cliff crabs. This part of Seymour Island is also known for being a major nesting site for Blue-footed boobies and one of the largest colonies of magnificent frigate birds. As you enjoy this relaxing hike around various nesting sites, you can also spot both marine and land species of iguanas.
  • This amazing experience in the Galápagos Islands concludes as we travel to the Baltra Island airport for return flights to Quito.
  • In Quito, we’ll have a final casual dinner before travelling to the Quito airport for our late-night flights home.
  • We’ll never forget this remarkable journey and the beauty and glory that is The Galápagos. We are forever changed and grateful for this adventure together as The Divine Destination Collection Tribe.

Galapagos IslandsGalapagos Islands Iguana

October 26 – November 4, 2025

Book your journey with us and take advantage of these opportunities:

  • Save $300 per person on your booking when you commit before September 1, 2024 – Use Coupon Code DIVINE-EB
  • Pay by USD cheque, bank transfer or money order to save $350 per person on your booking
  • Ask about our convenient payment plan. Contact us for more details.

$12,699.00 USD per person based on double occupancy – Main Deck Stateroom*
$13,349.00 USD per person based on double occupancy – Upper Deck Stateroom*
$13,999.00 USD per person based on double occupancy – Upper Deck Suite*

* Note: Due to the limited number of cabins on the Infinity Expedition Yacht, please reach out to us directly should you require single accommodation.


Galapagos Islands TortoiseGalapagos Islands Iguana


The Divine Destination Collection offers our like-minded travelers a carefully curated selection of life-changing travel adventures.

Our mastery is crafting travel experiences that steep you in luxury while unveiling the most unique, unusual and sacred aspects of faraway places…all while creating magical, immersive and uncommon moments…where luxury, adventure and spirituality meet.

We travel in style offering minimal bus travel, delicious dining experiences and intimate exclusive accommodations. You can relax knowing ever single detail has been taken care of.

Our co-founders, Deb Niven and Allison Frame, are your hosts for the trip and take especially good care of your every need.  Travelling with them ensures that anything that needs to be decided upon will happen immediately without any calls to Head Office!


The Divine Destination Collection’s journey to The Galápagos will touch you in so many ways that your perspective on life will be forever changed. This is indeed travel with meaning.

You will experience the magnificent and breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage city of Quito, Ecuador. And you’ll join us onboard the beautiful Infinity Yacht for our private and exclusive cruise to some of the most astounding islands in the world. Get ready to come face to face with creatures found nowhere else on the planet. And you’ll find awe-inspiring beauty every step of the way that will change you forever.


This Divine Destination Collection trip, like all of the, is absolutely suitable for couples. You can expect to travel in a small group (20) of travellers who include couples and friends. Join us on the journey! Note due to the limited number of cabins on our yacht Infinity, please reach out to us directly should you require single accommodation.


Your safety is our number one priority throughout the trip. We are there to ensure that you will be taken care of at all times as we rely on our local support team and best-in-the-industry practices to handle any situation. Our partners and suppliers provide us with all the relevant information to share with you.


There are no specific requirements for travel to Ecuador but we suggest that you consult with your medical doctor or travel clinic for any medical requirements due to your own medical history. This is to ensure nothing prevents you from having the time of your life on this amazing journey! Travel Visas for Canadian and US passport holders are not required for anyone visiting Ecuador for less than 90 days.  Travellers from other countries should check with the Ecuadorian consulate/embassy.


We are pleased to offer a unique payment plan that allows you to pay for your trip over time. Please contact us for more details.

At The Divine Destination Collection, we are committed to giving back to the communities and destinations we travel to.

In Ecuador, we will make a donation to The Rainforest Foundation which protects land in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest as a nature reserve.

You can find more information on this worthy and important organization here. We are proud to play a part.


Galápagos… Born to be Wild

Pay by USD cheque, bank transfer or money order and save an additional $350 per person on your booking!

This trip will sell out quickly!

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Galapagos Islands

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