Arctic Polar Bears & Beluga Whales

Divine Live and Online Ebook : Series 1

Lions And Tigers And Bears…Oh My!

Wednesday, November 25 6:00 p.m. EST

Well just Polar Bears (and potentially a Beluga Whale and more) but come on…up close and personal with the wild and wonderful wildlife around Churchill, Manitoba and Hudson’s Bay…

The Lazy Bear Lodge in Churchill, Manitoba…it feels exactly like what you would imagine an authentic Northern Wilderness Lodge would feel like. Sustainability is kept in mind right from the beginning, from using reclaimed timber from a fire in the Boreal forest to operating a 100% sustainable organic greenhouse.

Divine Live and Online, along with Lazy Bear Expeditions bring you three seasonal experiences in one, with their custom-built Arctic Crawler™ and equal access in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area, see wildlife such as the awe-inspiring polar bear, the sneaky arctic fox, the quick-footed arctic hare, the camouflaged ptarmigan, get up close and personal with beluga whales by boat… the fall takes you into the arena where the Northern Lights are the stars, or rather a million dazzling lights that are the magical Aurora Borealis…

Divine Live and Online will get you a front row seat to these amazing animals in their own habitat and a private commentary that allows interaction and an experience that is just…in a word…unforgettable!

$59.00 + HST

Or, Cheaper by the Bundle!…

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6 experiences – 45 days to view recorded calls from date of purchase.
4 experiences – 30 days to view recorded calls from date of purchase.
Per experience – 14 days to view recorded call from date of purchase.

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