Cherry Blossoms and Kyoto… Between Bough and Zen

Or, Cheaper by the Bundle!…

Cherry Blossoms and Kyoto…Between Bough and Zen


Step into a storybook…the mists settle…and as they do you allow your heart to swell as the vista of the fabled pink blossoms reveal their tender beauty.

Sakura Season…a soul-expanding experience. Be present to the stillness…save for the flutter of your heart as the blossoms are touched ever so gently by the breeze…a fleeting moment, yes…but one that captures you for a lifetime.

Kyoto, Japan…the mere mention of this place conjures up wistful sighs and a yearning to go. Let us take you there with Divine Live and Online! We’ll journey through the old quarter and modern areas…Gion, the historic Geisha district, where you may even see elegant geiko and maiko seemingly floating down the traditional alleys lined with paper lanterns. It is here that we’ll encounter beautiful Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples that have stood for centuries. We will go live with Rev. Daiko Matsuyama, a Zen Buddhist Priest, who will share his knowledge around meditation and the Zen way of life.

From the blossoms in the “now” to the serenity of the temples of “then”. This “Bough and Zen” experience combines to both mellow and inspire you as you witness this unique and natural phenomenon that is quintessentially Kyoto.

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