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Sue Regan Kenney

Pilgrim. Author. Speaker. Coach. Wim Hof Method Instructor.

After being suddenly downsized from her corporate career, Sue embarked on a quest to walk 800 kms on the medieval pilgrimage route known as the Camino de Santiago in Spain, alone in the winter. The experiences and people she encountered on this journey changed the course of her life. When she returned home, she began sharing stories about the Camino in various formats. She wrote and produced a storytelling CD called “Stone by Stone” and then penned her first book, My Camino. Soon after that she released her second book Confessions of a Pilgrim and followed that by directing her first feature length documentary film about the pilgrimage. Sue also wrote and performed a one-woman show and has co-written the screenplay adaptation of her first book, which is now in development as a feature film.

Jessica Chaikowsky

Jessica launched the wine agency, Gusto Grapes in February of 2020. After travelling the world for quite some time, visiting wineries, learning, tasting and of course enjoying, Jessica made the decision to turn her hobby into a business and will continue to work to matchmake boutique wineries in Europe with wine enthusiasts in Canada.

“Wine has this incredible ability to bring people together – this beautiful thing that reflects the place it comes from, the people who made it. It can evolve in incredible ways over months and years, evoking memories of times past and aiding in the creation of new ones”.

To help refine her personal wine experiences, Jessica has invested in several programs with George Brown College, has earned her WSET3 from the Wine and Spirits Education Trust and is in the final stages of completing her French Wine Scholar studies. She is also a Canadian Wine Scholar and is passionate about the wine we make in our own backyard.

Divine Live and Online Ebook : Series 1

Pilgrimages & Vintages…or the Wisdom of Wine and Walking!

Video now available for subscriber viewing

Up-close and personal with Sue Kenney famed Camino master (Pilgrim, Author, Speaker, Coach and Wim Hof Method Instructor) & Jessica Chaikowsky wine scholar and owner of the Wine Agency Gusto Grapes.

Sue has been walking the Camino for over 16 years and will share some of the Life Lessons she has learned as well as how The Camino can change your life. Embarking on a journey or a spiritual path invites opportunity for deep reflection, soul searching, and clarity. If you’ve been fortunate enough to have walked the Camino, then you know its power. Even if you’ve never experienced it, the Camino is a metaphor for life and you can learn from the experiences of an expert pilgrim and spiritual guide like Sue to explore a metaphorical Camino journey at home. She will share stories and experiences and offer 3 Camino Life Lessons that you can apply to your life whether you’ve walked the Camino or not. By exploring how simple pilgrim virtues align with your life back home, you can create a practice that results in more joy, peace, and spiritual alignment to help reframe priorities in a post-pandemic world.

And why not learn more about the absolutely fabulous vintages along the St. James Way…the wines of Galicia…We will sip our way through a few of the key stops along the pilgrims path, savouring the bone dry, aromatic whites of Rias Baixas, the floral, medium-bodied reds of Bierzo and the silky, perfumed wines of Rioja. We will fill your cup with some interesting facts, highlight the unique elements in the wines from each region with a final tip on pairing should you want to enjoy these delights with food. Though you don’t need to have specific wines on hand to learn, Jessica will provide a few options in case you would like to sip one or all.

Divine Live and Online brings you to the front of the line to experience that brings vino veritas (Latin for “in wine lies the truth”) together with the truth the Camino journey evokes.

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