The Butterfly Effect – The Majesty of the Monarch Migration

Or, Cheaper by the Bundle!…

The Butterfly Effect – The Majesty of the Monarch Migration


Ok, ORANGE really is THE NEW BACK TO MEXICO! Each year, millions of monarch butterflies migrate over 4,300 kms (2,700 miles) from southern Canada to spend the winter in the sanctuaries in Mexico. We will bring you into the heart of this marvellousness of mariposas that will expand your heart and transform you as intensely as the monarch’s march from caterpillar to majestic butterfly. These magnificent creatures literally paint the trees orange and bend branches as they converge here each year. In Mexico, the indigenous culture believes that human souls do not die, but rather continue living in Mictlán, a place for spirits to rest until the day they can return to their homes to visit their relatives. Later, as Catholic traditions intermingled with indigenous cultures, the monarch butterflies came to be regarded as the souls of departed ancestors returning to Earth for their annual visit.

The monarch butterfly migration remains a mystery to scientists, who aren’t yet certain how the butterflies manage to find this small, isolated sector of oyamel trees that they have never been to before. The Bio Reserve is one of the four natural beauties recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in Mexico. Despite the protection, the butterfly’s habitat is shrinking due to human pressure and illegal logging.

So…Let’s make OUR way back to Mexico with Divine Live and Online for this natural yet mystical phenomenon…join us in experiencing this moment of sheer joy.

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