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The following are our current upcoming DIVINE destinations. These destinations are carefully chosen based on their mystery, enchantment and magical powers to intrigue those bitten by travel wanderlust.

In all instances, TDDC pampers the classic traveller in these destinations with award winning cuisine and wine, luxurious accommodations and uncommon encounters that connect you with local people, culture and lore.

Dimensions Wellness Retreat - Forest Cabin
OCTOBER 26 – 28, 2024

A Soulful Luxury Divine Revive Retreat

DIMENSIONS, Algonquin Highlands, Ontario

Who doesn’t want to retreat in the Fall and spend a weekend in luxury and nature overflowing with self-care? The hardest part is choosing one that is reputable, healing AND luxurious.

The Divine Destination Collection has done that work for you. We have discovered and curated the perfect retreat to help you to reset, revive and rebound. This Divine encounter offers you this experience with an exclusive private takeover of Dimensions, a serene and restorative getaway in the natural beauty of Algonquin Highlands.

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Tonnara di Scopello, Sicily

SULTRY, SAUCY SICILY…Luxury, Beauty, and the Allure of a Liminal Place

We are so excited as we put the finishing touches on all the Divine Details for our magical journey to Sicily.

Seductively sold to the world through the vehicle of the hugely successful show <strong>White Lotus,</strong> this breathtaking place is nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean.

Sicily is so enchanting with its’ charming mountaintop sandstone villages, breathtaking sun-drenched landscapes, and glamourous accommodations. Imagine wandering through ancient ruins steeped in history and discovering all its’ cultural treasures day after day.

This mystical island will beguile you as you discover the age-old legends of the sun and sea. There is a strong foundation of belief in the ancient lore which is evident around every corner! Explore the quaint streets of Taormina and marvel at the majesty of Mount Etna. Spend evenings skygazing, savour delightful wines and cuisine and fall under the spell of the Sicilian magic.

Your senses will come alive as we uncover unforgettable memories and the ancient magic that lives here to awaken your wanderlust!

Galapagos Islands
October 26 – November 4, 2025

Born to be Wild

Walk in Charles Darwin’s footsteps. Experience a journey of endless discoveries. Enter a whole new world where time slows down.

The remote paradise of the Galápagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador will leave an indelible mark on your soul and ignite your spirit. Beauty lies not only in the pristine crystal-clear waters but also in the perfect harmony between its magnificent creatures and the beautiful creation called Earth.

Surely one of the most amazing places on Earth, the Galápagos Islands are perhaps the only place in the world where you can see wildlife so close. The lack of large predators means that its iconic wildlife – giant tortoises, marine iguanas, vibrant birdlife, inquisitive sea lions, and so much more – are fearless of humans. You will become one with nature.

Whether hiking through volcanic landscapes, kayaking through mangrove forests or diving into the bluest ocean depths, the Galápagos offers endless opportunities for adventure, exploration, and endless discoveries.

John K.

A truly fantastic trip! I so enjoyed visiting all the historic and ancient sites of Southern France.

Nancy C.

I think the concept of Luxury, Adventure & Spirituality is brilliant.  We love how we can experience the spirituality, heart and energy of the area in luxury & comfort…truly a unique idea and really fun.

Carolyn R.

What did you like most about the trip? “The absolute joy of our visit to Brooklands Farm, where local beer and inventive hors d'oeuvres amused our palates, creatively carved pumpkins emerged, and a truly decadent dinner became even more fulfilling among the superb...

Linda A

I feel very fortunate for being able to travel to one of my "bucket list" destinations with The Divine Destination Collection. Bali is so special and TDDC ensured that it lived up to my dreams. With The Divine Destination Collection planning my trip, I can always be...

Maura L.

The most enjoyable part of the trip was the people... Both fellow travellers and the Mexican/Mayan people.  It was outstanding all around very satisfying & unique.

Vivian E.

A delightful experience for the body, mind and soul. A caress for the senses filled with love in every step. What I enjoyed the most was the attention to every detail and every wonderful surprise along the way. I have such gratitude for an unforgettable and wonderful...

Margaret P.

A wonderful cultural experience – we did so much more than would be normally possible in just a few days…lovely days.

Myra and John T.

"We are so grateful to you for having given us this opportunity to relax, fall back and rejuvenate. The people who came are the people who were meant to be here and we became a big, happy family. We have made so many good memories and we’ll hope this will happen...

Erin M.

"Well, it has been a few days for all of us – back to reality, the grind, whatever you call daily life! I have spent this time reflecting back, as memories pop into my head; and a smile crosses my face or a silent giggle. I have spread the word, with rave reviews, to...

Gillian V.

Speechless! There are absolutely no words to explain how incredibly beautiful it is here at Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge! This will forever change my life!
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