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The following are our current upcoming DIVINE destinations. These destinations are carefully chosen based on their mystery, enchantment and magical powers to intrigue those bitten by travel wanderlust.

In all instances, TDDC pampers the classic traveller in these destinations with award winning cuisine and wine, luxurious accommodations and uncommon encounters that connect you with local people, culture and lore.

Galapagos Islands
October 26 – November 4, 2025

Galápagos…Born to be Wild

Walk in the footsteps of Charles Darwin. Experience a journey of endless discoveries. Enter a whole new world where time slows down.

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Nancy C.

What did you like most about the trip? “The restorative yoga with Anne and Allie that gently awakened our well-rested muscles with fluid movements and soothing sounds...”

Margaret P.

A wonderful cultural experience – we did so much more than would be normally possible in just a few days…lovely days.

Leslee O.

I loved the variety of activities (physical, metal & cultural). I came away having learned much and was enthusiastically exhausted. I could not have gone to Africa any other way! Every need was attended to, even when not requested!!

Amy C.

Very enjoyable, highly spiritual and soul searching... Loved my week!

Victoria W.

Loved how all the arrangements were taken care of so I didn’t have to worry about anything

Georgia W.

A magical once-in-a-lifetime experience that exceeded every (already high) expectation. The best vacation I have ever been on.

Margaret P.

Enjoyed the chance to meet people where they lived/worked (artists, chefs, farmers).

Peter H.

Incredibly well paced trip of a lifetime.

Myrna P.

What did you like most about the trip? “The playful and inspiring sessions with Krista, who invited us to explore all the wonderful possibilities the transition into the new season can bring...”

Margaret P.

Beautiful souls, delicious food and music throughout.
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