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The following are our current upcoming DIVINE destinations. These destinations are carefully chosen based on their mystery, enchantment and magical powers to intrigue those bitten by travel wanderlust.

In all instances, TDDC pampers the classic traveller in these destinations with award winning cuisine and wine, luxurious accommodations and uncommon encounters that connect you with local people, culture and lore.

Havana, Cuba
April 4 – 7, 2024


Havana is an adventure at every turn. A memory around every corner. It’s everything you thought it would be and more. Come with us as we pull back the curtain to reveal its’ very soul.

Galapagos Islands
October 27 – November 5, 2024

Galápagos…Born to be Wild

Walk in the footsteps of Charles Darwin. Experience a journey of endless discoveries. Enter a whole new world where time slows down.

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Michael E.

An adventure with a perfect balance of time to kick back and soak up your surroundings and enjoy all the exciting activities and surprises to form an excellent Balinese getaway. Loved learning about the culture, exploring the local towns and taking advantage of the...

Gillian V.

Trying hard to find the perfect words as tears scroll down my eyes with so much happiness in my heart! Life changing!

Donna M.

A surreal once-in-a-lifetime divine experience. Well paced with thoughtful surprises around every corner.

Erin M.

"Well, it has been a few days for all of us – back to reality, the grind, whatever you call daily life! I have spent this time reflecting back, as memories pop into my head; and a smile crosses my face or a silent giggle. I have spread the word, with rave reviews, to...

Joanna H.

I have done a lot of travel, but this experience was over the top. Every detail special. I highly recommend The Divine Destination Collection and hope you have a growing and successful career.

Nancy C.

Loved the camaraderie, overall a very sweet experience

Victoria W.

Loved how all the arrangements were taken care of so I didn’t have to worry about anything

Michael E.

Loved interacting with the locals, witnessing their contagious enthusiasm for their own culture and traditions.

Linda A

Great assortment of activities & always beautiful surprises that take your breath away and brings tears to your eyes. Just when you think it can’t get any DOES!!

Vivian E.

A delightful experience for the body, mind and soul. A caress for the senses filled with love in every step. What I enjoyed the most was the attention to every detail and every wonderful surprise along the way. I have such gratitude for an unforgettable and wonderful...
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