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Divine-by-Design Travel Advisory Board

Explore behind the scenes and help design the luxury travel experience

Have you ever wondered how a luxury travel experience from The Divine Destination Collection is designed? Well, satisfy your inquisitive nature and wonder no more.

To explore behind the scenes and influence future destinations and trip experiences, please join our Divine-by-Design Travel Advisory Board and enjoy the many benefits that come from sharing your thoughts.

By doing so, you’ll join a select community of travellers that The Divine Destination Collection caters to with refined travel experiences designed to delight your curiosity, touch your soul and rejuvenate your spirit. With your help, founders Deb Niven and Allison Frame design each carefully curated trip with unique, behind-the-scene experiences that most people never find and cannot arrange on their own.

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What to expect as a member on the Divine-by-Design Travel Advisory Board

Deb and Allison recognize that for most clients, the adventure begins months before the trip departure day.

For that reason, they set out to bring together discerning individuals who love to travel, try new things and enjoy influencing a customized travel experience. By becoming a member of our Divine-by-Design Travel Advisory Board, you help design the travel experience, including shaping aspects of the destinations, accommodations and local cultural experiences.

In addition to indulging in your pre-trip curiosity, we’ll reward your suggestions with special benefits that come from your participation.

You’re invited to three entertaining pre-events to enhance your travel experience

Divine-by-Design Discovery Event

Bring Your Curiosity

We start the process by inviting members of our Divine-by-Design Travel Advisory Board for a special Discovery Event to meet, mingle and share a glass of wine with other curious travel aficionados. To become a member, simply complete the application form. Next, Deb and Allison will present an overview of a number of destinations up for consideration to design or redesign in the coming year.

At the Discovery Event you’ll vote on the roster of destinations to consider. If you have favourites, now’s the time to speak up. From this shortlist you can select the trip (or trips) you’d like to advise on.

Note: We do limit the Divine-by-Design Travel Advisory Board to 20 members per destination. (Regardless of which destination you advise on, you’re welcome on any trip, with full member benefits.)

Destination Design Session

Put Your Imagination To Work

For each selected destination, Deb and Allison will host a more intimate Design Session for the chosen Divine-by-Design Travel Advisory Board team. Here you’ll provide insight and feedback on a variety of specific trip inclusion options to create the best possible experience.For example, if we have the choice between a private cooking class with a well-known chef or a session with a Horse Whisperer, which one would you choose? Would you rather take over a local hacienda for an afternoon of leisurely pursuits or go spelunking in an underground cave? Or both?

More leisure time to relax or more planned activities to explore the area? You tell us.

Getting excited? Good. We value your recommendations.

Destination Reveal Session

Let’s Unveil the Trip Details

Based on suggestions from the Divine-by-Design Travel Advisory Board team at the previous Design Session, Allison and Deb will host a final reveal session for the specific destination a few weeks later. At this time, the final travel experience will be unveiled before the trip goes public. You’ll hear first-hand about the inclusions and accommodations, as well as travel dates and pricing.

Share a glass of wine with your kindred Divine-by-Design Travel Advisory Board members and toast to a job well done.

Enjoy membership benefits

  1. See behind the scenes on how we design our trips, which is quite a unique experience. Use your insight and travel knowledge to influence future destinations and trip experiences.
  2. Meet other like-minded individuals who love refined travel as much as you do. By participating, you’ll enrich your experience, meet new people and make lasting connections.
  3. Get “first dibs” to book the trip before its announcement to the public. Since each Divine Destination Collection trip is designed for small groups, we limit the number of participants, and unique destinations sell out fast.
  1. Receive a 10% trip discount for yourself and a travel companion.
  2. Divine-by-Design Travel Advisory Board members can book any trip The Divine Destination Collection provides, and have full member benefits, even if you didn’t advise on a specific destination. Member benefits are good for up to 18 months.

Becoming a member of the Divine-by-Design Travel Advisory Board in no way obligates members to actually travel with The Divine Destination Collection. We know that our customized experiences will beckon you, and it’s certainly our hope that the experience you advise on entices you to be a part of the experience, but it is not mandatory.

The Divine Destination curated travel collection includes:


These travel experiences are influenced by feedback from Divine-by-Design Travel Advisory Board members, and include the selection of destinations and the unique encounters and inclusions that go along with them. We invite you to become a member; better yet, we welcome you to experience the trip you helped design.

Upcoming Trips

For those who choose not to participate in the Divine-by-Design Travel Advisory Board experience and prefer to simply revel in refined travel, no problem. Simply book a Divine destination, pack your bags and whisk away, leaving everything to Deb and Allison at the helm.

Private Group Trips

Looking for a unique and refined travel adventure for your family members or group of friends? Talk to us about arranging a private group trip to a Divine destination.

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