While COVID-19 forced us to turn to virtual travel to ease our wanderlust – it turns out virtual journeys can be quite fun and fulfilling.

“We were overwhelmed by the response to our virtual experiences this year,” says Divine Destination Collection co-founder Allison Frame. “We were so happy we could continue taking our fellow travellers on amazing adventures around the world that we decided to continue offering Divine Live and Online as a permanent part of our Divine Destination Collection – even after it is safe to travel again!”

To continue feeding your hunger for travel, Allison and co-founder Deb Niven have developed another great line-up of virtual travel adventures for the first half of 2021.

“I know our fellow travellers are going to be excited by what we have in store for them in 2021! In fact, the upcoming series would make a great holiday gift for anyone who desperately misses travelling, or for those who love to discover new and exotic locales – but without the hassle of airports, extreme climates and packing and unpacking.”


Divine Live and Online
Lessening the Impact of Flying on the Environment -Skyscrapper
Lessening the Impact of Flying on the Environment - Climate Change
Great Pyramids of Giza
El Refai Mosque, Cairo

The Second Series of Divine Live and Online

The second series of up close and personal virtual experiences kicks off on Sunday, January 31st with a trip to one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

With Pyramid Power in ‘DeNile’ – Inside Egypt, there really is no ‘denial’ that this is a great chance to experience the mystery of the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx before travelling along the bustling streets of Cairo to where three religions meet in one of the oldest and most spiritual parts of the city.

We’ll visit the Ben Ezra Synagogue, the oldest Jewish temple in Cairo, which dates back from the 9th century AD, and where a nearby spring is supposed to mark the place where baby Moses was found in the reeds. We’ll also visit The Hanging Church, with its wooden roof in the shape of Noah’s Ark, where Mary, Jesus and Joseph hid from King Herod, and the El Refai Mosque one of the most fascinating Islamic architectural structures of its time.

Lessening the Impact of Flying on the Environment -Skyscrapper
Lessening the Impact of Flying on the Environment - Climate Change
Great Pyramids of Giza
Monarch Butterfly, Mexico

Fly Away with Some Beautiful Creatures

Next we’re off to Mexico on Wednesday, February 24th, for The Butterfly Effect – The Majesty of the Monarch Migration.

Each year, millions of monarch butterflies migrate more than 4,300 kms (2,700 miles) from southern Canada to spend the winter in Mexico. We’ll travel to the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve in Michoacán, Mexico, a UNESCO World Heritage site, where these magnificent creatures literally paint the trees orange and bend branches as they converge here each year. Since the monarch butterflies usually return to Mexico during the Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, the butterflies have come to be regarded as the souls of departed ancestors returning to earth for their annual visit.

Varanasi River Ganges
Varanasi Sadhus
Varanasi River Ganges
Varanasi Sadhus

A Passage to India

Take Me to the River (the Ganges that is) and Varanasi, India – The City of Light & Death is our setting for the Wednesday, March 24th Divine Live and Online adventure.

You’ll experience the early morning sunrise from a boat on the holy Ganges River as the ancient city of Varanasi comes alive along the banks of the river. Known as the spiritual capital of India, pilgrims come here to wash away their sins in the sacred water of the Ganges, cremate their loved ones, or to die themselves – as it is believed if you die in Varanasi you break the cycle of rebirth and go straight to heaven. You’ll see this faith and piety in action right along the riverside as priests lead the faithful in prayers. 

Despite its association with death – Varanasi is best visited while you are very much alive! This extraordinary city is filled with more than 2,000 temples, and Buddha is believed to have founded Buddhism there.

Galápagos Marine iguana
Galapagos tortoise
Galapagos land iguana
Galápagos Pink Flamingos

Following in the Footsteps of Darwin

On Wednesday, April 28th, we will be Coming Back to our Own Nature…Galápagos Islands – A Natural Selection as we Zoom to the incredible group of islands that inspired Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Situated in the Pacific Ocean, around 1,000 kilometres off the coast of South America, the Galápagos Islands and surrounding marine reserve have been called a unique living museum and showcase of evolution. Due to the seismic and volcanic activity that formed the islands, together with its isolation, it has developed the unusual plant and animal life that helped Charles Darwin form his Theory of Evolution. Since it has been declared a national park and an UNESCO World Heritage site, you’ll be able to experience the penguins, giant tortoises, and other species found only on the islands much like Darwin did back in 1835.

Imlil, Atlas Mountains Morocco
Wool hanging in Souk, Marrakech
Marrakech Square
Galápagos Pink Flamingos

Play It Again, Sam!

While Casablanca was actually filmed at Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank, California, you are going to have the chance to be transported to the real Morocco on Sunday, May 30th with Marrakech Expressions…The Magic of Morocco.

Known as the “farthest land of the setting sun,” Morocco sits at the intersection of Europe and Africa and is bordered by the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean. We’ll start our journey into this exotic country with an exclusive guided adventure through Marrakech where we’ll stroll through the Medina, an ancient part of the city with high stone walls. This is where we will find Marrakech’s famous souks, traditional marketplaces full of everything from handmade rugs to spices and clay tagine cooking pots. We’ll then leave the city to explore the Berber way of life in the High Atlas Mountains with a local mountain guide before joining a family for traditional bread baking and a cup of mint tea.

And because it is our vision to always leave a place better for having been there – The Divine Destination Collection will make a donation to a charitable organization selected by our host in each destination.

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