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The New Cuban Cuisine

Cuban cuisine has gotten a bad rap over the decades…too bland with limited food supplies due to the Cuban political and economic landscape.

Now, Havana is leading the way with a culinary renaissance marked by an emergence of innovative and diverse cuisine.  Local chefs are creatively reinventing classic dishes, incorporating fresh, locally sourced ingredients to provide a modern twist. From paladares (small family-run restaurants) offering inventive dishes to vibrant street food stalls experimenting with bold flavors, Havana’s culinary landscape is evolving.

During our upcoming journey to Havana, we’ll dine at some of the trendiest spots!

Lorena Faccio is one of Old Havana’s hottest chefs as well as the star of a local Cuban TV cooking show.  Considered one the best paladares in the city, Lorena serves delicious and authentic family-style meals on the rooftop of her private home “La Lore Habana” With help from her mom, you can expect to indulge in mojitos, aqua frescas, daiquiris, and canapes before the main event!

One of the city’s best restaurants is Grados.  Young Chef Raulito Bezak turns out remarkable dishes alongside his mom, Dad and Uncle. Chef Raulito transformed his mother’s casa particular into an intimate paladar. Everything he serves is homemade and dining is an experience here. The dishes are a delectable combination of traditional Cuban cuisine and Raulito’s experiments.

Yarini Habana specializes in contemporary Cuban and international flavours and offers a cool rooftop vibe in the trendy San Isidro neighbourhood. With views of the city, live music and the most extensive cocktail menu in Havana, don’t be surprised to see up-and-coming artists and musicians at the next table. Yarini is the spot to be any day of the week.


Try these classic Cuban dishes for yourself!  All courtesy of Chef’s Pencil


Lechon Asado

Cuba is the only Caribbean country where the food centers on meat dishes rather than fish. One culinary masterpiece that stands out is the Cuban Roast pork.   During Cuban holidays, roast pork takes center stage as a special dish. The authentic flavor of this dish is a result of the lengthy cooking process and the captivating mojo salsa, crafted with garlic, seasonings, and vinegar, adding an enchanting touch.

Lechon Asado (Cuban Roast Pork) – Chef’s Pencil (

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Ropa Vieja

The recipe for Ropa Vieja, translated to “Old Clothes’, has a long history in the Cuban cuisine. It’s considered the national dish of Cuba and recipes vary across the country as each family passes down their own version of the dish and makes it their own.

Ropa Vieja (Cuban Old Clothes Dish) – Chef’s Pencil (

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