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Travel Advisory Board FAQ’s
Q: What happens if I sign up to be a Divine-by-Design Travel Advisory Board member for a specific destination and then find out I can’t make the trip?

A: No problem. There’s no obligation to sign up for the trip, at any stage, even when you’re a member. Circumstances change, and we understand. When you decide to take a trip, Divine-by-Design Travel Advisory Board members are entitled to member benefits for 18 months.

Q: What if I can’ t attend all 3 sessions?

A: The commitment to attend all 3 events for the Divine-by-Design Travel Advisory Board is a condition of acceptance on the board. We do understand the demands of life however and will honour 1 absence for unforeseen circumstances.

Q: Is there an option to participate remotely?

A: We don’t want to exclude you, but at the present time we’re not offering remote sessions for Divine-by-Design Travel Advisory Board members. When that changes, we can contact you. Meanwhile, we would love to have you join us on one of our exceptional trips.

Q: What if I want to participate in advising on more than one trip?

A: We love your enthusiasm. While we limit the number of Divine-by-Design Travel Advisory Board members to 20 per trip, we’ll do what we can to ensure you get to advise on the trips that interest you.

Q: What if I want to advise on the 3rd trip later in the year, but want to go on the 1st trip? Do I get a discount?

A: Absolutely, your member benefits are valid for 18 months and apply to any and all trips you wish to take within that time period..

Q: Can I invite others to be advisors?

A: Most definitely. Your friends probably like refined travel as much as you do, so invite them to apply by filling out an online application here.

Q: What if I can’t afford the time to become a Travel Advisory Board member?

A: We’ll miss you, of course. However, for those who choose not to participate in the Divine-by-Design Travel Advisory Board experience and prefer to simply revel in refined travel, no problem. Simply book a Divine Destination Collection Classic travel experience pack your bags and whisk away, leaving everything to Allison and Deb at the helm.

Q: Do you offer private group trips?

A: Yes, these represent some of our favourite pre-designed trips to organize, as everybody in the group knows everybody in advance. TDDC private group trips are perfect for milestones, events, or simply for friends who love to travel. Tell us about your group dynamics, their general travel habits, and we’ll take it from there. We’ll work with organizers to find the best dates, optional activities and amount of leisure time requirements that suit the needs of your group. Have fun!

Q: What is The Divine Destination Collection's COVID-19 Policy?

A: All travellers attending any and all Divine Destination Collection trips must present a proof of Covid vaccination (2 shots + booster(s)) or Proof of a valid negative rapid antigen test from an authorized pharmacy or laboratory 24 hours prior to arrival.

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