Luxury Reimagined: Meaningful Experiences and Sustainable Travel

Looking to make your travels as meaningful as they are memorable? At The Divine Destination Collection, we’re not just about ticking off places on a map – we’re all about igniting your wanderlust while making a conscious effort to embark on sustainable journeys, that leave a positive impact.

Eco-Friendly Ways to Travel with The Divine Destination Collection

Luxury travel has evolved beyond the traditional notions of extravagance. It’s about immersing yourself in unforgettable experiences that go beyond the surface. It’s the intimacy of dining with locals on Ireland’s west coast, where a heartfelt serenade under the setting sun leaves you spellbound. It’s the raw emotion of feeding elephants at a Rehabilitation Centre, where tears flow freely as you connect deeply with these majestic creatures. It’s the immersion in a local Mayan community, where laughter fills the air and the joy of interaction with the children warms your heart, while ancient traditions ignite the soul in a fiery temazcal, followed by a refreshing swim in a mystical cenote. Ready to embark on a journey that positively impacts both you and the planet? Join us as we unveil five thoughtful strategies to travel sustainably together.

Eco-Friendly Luxury Accommodations:

Choose accommodations that prioritize energy efficiency, waste reduction, and community support. At The Divine Destination Collection, we handpick sustainable luxury accommodations that embody these values. For instance, Maroma, a Belmond hotel nestled in the Riviera Maya, utilizes solar energy and supports local artisans through initiatives like the “Artisans of Belmond”. Similarly, Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge, a wildlife oasis in South Africa, boasts an award-winning eco-friendly design and a steadfast commitment to conservation. By choosing properties like these, you not only rejuvenate your soul but also contribute to a greener tomorrow with all the modern comforts.

Local Community Engagement:

Forge connections with local artisans, craftsmen, and businesses to foster economic growth and preserve cultural heritage. On our most recent trip to Havana, Cuba we partnered with Bacoretto, a small family-run farm producing gluten-free flour from local ingredients like banana, coconut, and yucca addressing Cuba’s food crisis with innovation and sustainability. Our support for local artisans like these directly contributes to Cuban entrepreneurs’ resilience, promoting economic growth and cultural preservation in the community.

Carbon Offsets:

Offset your carbon footprint by backing initiatives that mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, such as renewable energy projects and forest conservation programs. Did you know that a single flight’s carbon footprint can rival a year of car usage, as per the David Suzuki Foundation? To travel responsibly, opt for economy class, non-stop flights, and airlines with strong environmental commitments.

You can also offset your flights by investing in projects that slash carbon emissions. It’s like giving our planet a virtual high-five! While carbon offsetting is a step in the right direction it’s not a magic wand; if you choose to offset, look for options from reputable sources like The Gold Standard. They’re the gold standard (pun intended) for offset projects, ensuring top-notch environmental criteria are met.

In line with our commitment to minimizing our carbon footprint, The Divine Destination Collection is excited to announce our partnership with the Rainforest Foundation in support of our upcoming Galapagos trip in 2025. Through this collaboration, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Rainforest Foundation, dedicated to acquiring and protecting pristine rainforest in the Ecuadorian province of Pastaza. This region is crucial for preserving the biodiversity of the Amazon and combating climate change.

Responsible Travel Practices:

Adopt responsible travel habits like minimizing single-use plastics and respecting local customs. At The Divine Destination Collection, we equip travellers with refillable water bottles wherever possible and opt for digital itinerary apps to reduce reliance on disposable materials. These seemingly small actions collectively contribute to a more sustainable travel experience for all involved.

Consider embracing the concept of “slow travel,” immersing yourself deeply in local cultures and savouring a more relaxed pace. By settling in at one destination, you not only minimize transportation emissions but also alleviate stress, allowing for a richer, more meaningful exploration of your surroundings.

Cultural Preservation:

 Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of global cultures by supporting local artisans who preserve traditional crafts and customs. Our co-founders Allison and Deb personally seek out and engage with artisans, craftsmen, and small businesses, offering travelers meaningful and authentic experiences. Whether it’s mastering the art of ceviche making in Peru or exploring the vibrant world of local graffiti artists in Havana, our curated journeys celebrate cultural diversity and foster mutual understanding.

Education Initiatives:

Knowledge is power! At The Divine Destination Collection, we recognize the transformative power of education. That’s why we’re dedicated to supporting educational programs worldwide, enriching the lives of local children and communities. From donations to the Bwindi Watoto School in Uganda and the Tongabezi Trust School in Zambia to the Emma Rosa Chuy School in Havana, we give back to education in destinations, supporting programs that educate children and the local community about sustainability and wildlife preservation.

Are you ready to travel with meaning? At The Divine Destination Collection, our journeys transcend mere sightseeing; we empower conscious travelers like you to make a difference. It’s a continuous commitment to sustainability and cultural preservation, from eco-friendly luxury accommodations to local community engagement and carbon offsetting. Join us as we explore the world with intention, leaving a legacy of positive impact for future generations. Share your sustainable travel tips with us and start your journey towards meaningful travel today.

Travelling with The Divine Destination Collection was a game-changer for me. Every moment felt purposeful and unforgettable. From luxurious eco-friendly stays to meaningful community engagements, every detail was thoughtfully curated. Knowing that my journey supported local artisans and conservation efforts made it even more fulfilling. This isn’t just travel; it’s a transformative experience that leaves a positive impact on both you and the world. Can’t wait for my next adventure with them!”

Michelle S.

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