Sue S.

Exceeded all of my expectations! Your attention to detail is unsurpassable. Thank you so much for putting so much effort into making our vacation unforgettable! Loved every second. Sue S.

Leanne H.

Scotland was a wonderful combination of rugged beauty, fascinating history & luxury. I couldn’t get enough of the views…pure, glorious vistas! Once again TDDC just takes care of all the details allowing us to just be in the adventure. A wonderful feeling of knowing it’s all figured out! Leanne H.

Donna M.

A surreal once-in-a-lifetime divine experience. Well paced with thoughtful surprises around every corner. Donna M.

Susan F.

The Divine Destination Collection is so organized and comprehensive at covering all the details with supreme attention & love. Every moment of the Scottish adventure was awe inspiring! I will be raving about this trip to all I meet! Susan F.

Carol A.

It was magical! I enjoyed all the pampering and surprises and how it all flowed so smoothly…thanks to many people. Great guides, they made the trip very special. Carol A.

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