The Power of Collaboration

It’s amazing what can happen when we join forces to create something special.

The Divine Destination Collection has always partnered with special people around the world to create unique travel experiences. Now co-founders Allison Frame and Deb Niven are bringing that spirit of collaboration to the local level by partnering with some amazing Canadian artisans and retailers whose vision aligns with theirs – luxury, adventure, and spirituality.

“As a women-owned small business, Deb and I have always loved the idea of building a community of like-minded small business owners to share ideas, connect with more people, and promote the idea of buying locally,” says Allison. “We also wanted the opportunity to introduce our family of loyal travellers to some unique products and services here at home when they aren’t off on one of our adventures.”

With the experience and know-how of the company’s new Partnership & Opportunities Creator, Susan Minns, The Divine Destination Collection has already formed partnerships with four women-owned Toronto-based companies that offer gifts, clothing, and other exciting items which will be of interest to “Diviners.”


Gift giving that makes an impact

Our travelers enjoy the luxury and attention to detail that Deb and Allison bring to every one of their trips. They also appreciate the fact that The Divine Destination Collection strives to make a positive impact on the destinations they visit by making a donation to a local charity.

Shawna Pereira and Tara Cochrane bring that same great combination of quality and community involvement to Wonderkind, their gifting service. While they source unique products from across Canada, and collaborate with more than a hundred artisans and producers to create tailor-made, personalized gifts, they also support female entrepreneurs through their Women Who Wonder initiative. Each parcel includes a special card that highlights and shares the stories of these extraordinary entrepreneurs.

“Like The Divine Destination Collection team and their extra special excursions that feature luxury, adventure, and personal attention, Wonderkind strives to do the same with gifting,” says Shawna. “We believe in quality, thoughtful gifting, and going the extra step to make gifting a personal experience.”


Eyewear styling with an extra personal touch

“Your eyewear is a divine accessory that allows you to perfectly see every detail of your travel destination,” says Wendy Buchanan, founder of Perceptions Eyewear and a registered optician, image consultant, and educator.

With that same warmth and personal attention that Allison and Deb bring to their trips, Wendy will not only find you the perfect pair of eye glasses – she’ll bring her curated selection of Canadian and international designs right to your home or office.

“As a small business entrepreneur, I love partnering with a luxury company like The Divine Destination Collection as they have the same values and attitude and bring together like-minded women to help connect unique services and experiences that improve all of our lives.”

Wendy Buchanan of perceptions eyewear
Diane Kroe
Whisper Cabin, Whispering Springs
Wendy Buchanan of perceptions eyewear
Diane Kroe

Packing light for your next adventure

As a fashion designer, Diane Kroe has followed a ‘less is more” design philosophy. It turns out that’s the perfect look for travelers as she designs innovative, high-fashion travel clothing for women on the go. Helping her clients pack light is her passion.

“Packing for a trip can be very daunting for many people, so I solve the problem by designing  travel refined fashion for women. My inspiration is to maximize style options with fewer pieces to pack so my clientele can feel confident that they are prepared,” says Diane.

“Spontaneity is part of travel, and adventures are full of surprises – and we never quite know how to pack for the unknown. Over-packing is a common problem, often adding extra stress when you should be excited about relaxing on your holiday. I focus on fabrics that are comfy like PJs, wrinkle resistant, and easy care with an effortlessly elegant aesthetic.”

Mindfulness and Intention

Besides being full of luxury and adventure, each Divine Destination Collection trip includes a spiritual element – whether it is a forest-bathing experience in Ontario, or a virtual visit with a Zen Buddhist priest in Japan.

That element of spirituality makes Adrienne Enns and her company, May You Know Joy a perfect partner. Her line of intention cards can be used as a simple self-care tool to connect you to yourself and help cultivate the life you want to live – as well as bring in joy.

“Partnerships like this are very meaningful to us because we love collaborating with and supporting like-minded businesses and initiatives,” says Adrienne. “When people are away in a luxurious retreat experience like the ones created by The Divine Destination Collection, it’s the perfect opportunity for reflection and inspiration. I believe the cards are a simple and beautiful way for people to connect with themselves and also to carry their amazing experiences into their everyday lives.”

And there’s more to come

“We are so excited about our partnerships with these amazing women-led businesses and hope our travelers take advantage of all that these local small businesses have to offer,” says Allison.

“We look forward to adding even more partners that have a similar vision to ours into the fold, so stay tuned for announcements of more unique business partnerships.”

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