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Series 1


The fantastic and often very poignant moments of the Divine Live and Online Series 1 virtual travel experiences are still available for purchase, and provide membership access to the zoom recordings! Gain exclusive viewing of these calls by clicking the offerings below…


Up close and personal with Zelda la Grange, founding staff member of the Presidential Office of Nelson Mandela who worked by his side for over 19 years.

$59.00 + HST

PILGRIMAGES & VINTAGES …or the wisdom of wine and walking!

Up Close and personal with Sue Kenney famed Camino master (and Pilgrim, Author, Speaker, Coach, Wim Hof Method Instructor) & Jessica Chaikowsky wine scholar and owner of the Wine Agency Gusto Grapes.

$59.00 + HST


Nimmo Bay where luxury, refuge and wilderness meet…That’s “wild” life!… Getting back in the “grace” in the Great Bear Rainforest, an ecological treasure where land and sea join together in a mighty convergence of nature.

$59.00 + HST


…in nature that is …40 DAYS & 40 NIGHTS WITH BOYD VARTY Up Close and personal into the mind and experience of this man who longed to answer this question… THERE ARE OVER 40 000 ACCOUNTS OF MYSTICS GOING INTO THE WILDERNESS. WHY?

$59.00 + HST


Beyond Gorillas in the mist, we are Up Close and personal on a private gorilla trek in Uganda.

$59.00 + HST

Lions And Tigers And Bears…Oh My!

Well just Polar Bears (and potentially a Beluga Whale and more) but come on…up close and personal with the wild and wonderful wildlife around Churchill, Manitoba and Hudson’s Bay…

$59.00 + HST


6 experiences – 45 days to view recorded calls from date of purchase.
4 experiences – 30 days to view recorded calls from date of purchase.
Per experience – 14 days to view recorded call from date of purchase.

Divine Live and Online Ebook : Series 1

Series 2: Launches January 2021

Life is a series of moments…millions of moments that mostly pass unremarked.

But every so often, we experience a moment that truly moves us…transports us…connects us to a bigger picture…and challenges everything we thought we knew about the life we live.  And we remember them forever.

Our perspective, our awareness, and our understanding are infinitely richer when we enjoy more of those moments – and make the most of them whenever, and wherever, they embrace us.

Creating more moments is the purpose of The Divine Destination Collection. To take us away from the predictable path and patterns. To immerse us in new environments where stunning sights and exotic experiences are endless. To introduce us to individuals whose pursuit of their passions has unlocked unexpected wisdom. To be free – finally! – to live, love, experience, explore, and be mesmerized by the moments that will forever resonate in our soul.

Divine Live and Online introduces our second series of up close and personal virtual experiences.

And… this line up will take you far and wide to places you have always wanted to go to, and some that were difficult to travel to even before the global pandemic.


**Have a look at our latest virtual travel experiences in Divine Live and Online Series 2 HERE**

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