Camino Itinerary

The Camino, Spain: Walking Back To Your Authentic Self…with Sue Kenney

A 9 day Divine Pilgrimage to Reflect, Transcend, & Transform

Hark Modern day pilgrims!… The path beckons, the adventure awaits… Come walk The Way of St. James. Come reflect, transcend, transform with us on the last hundred kilometres (62 miles) of the Camino Frances (the French Way) that leads us through Spain to the site where the Apostle James is said to be interred in the iconic Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

The Camino has been traversed for thousands of years, offering pilgrims an opportunity to reflect, transcend and rejuvenate their spirits. During the Middle Ages, millions of people made their way along the path (or way) to Santiago de Compostela. Interest had waned over many decades and was revitalized by a 1987 novel by Paolo Coelho, entitled “The Pilgrimage”.

Walk, allow yourself the adventure and the challenge, and… you are invited to juxtapose your experience with the comfort, luxury and unique one-of-a-kind encounters that only The Divine Destination Collection can provide.

According to Camino Pilgrim, author, coach & speaker, Sue Kenney: “The Camino is like a portal for creativity and it’s believed that we can manifest more intensely on this mystical path. Reconnect with yourself, walk to clear your thoughts, engage in conversation with people of like minds from all over the world and ignite the fire within you to live with passion.

You will be inspired, engaged and integrated into the Spanish culture, walking through the ancient villages, eating food from the local family farms and sharing the path with other pilgrims and, cows and sheep. On the path, there will be people from all over the world offering a multi-cultural adventure experience.”

Upon arrival at either the Santiago de Compostela or A Coruña International Airports you will be met by The Divine Destination Collection and transferred privately to the quaint Parador de Monforte de Lemos, approximately a 1.5 hour drive through beautiful Galician landscapes. We will be staying at this historic hotel for two (2) nights.


The historic site of San Vicente do Pino is located in the uppermost part of the town of Monforte de Lemos. It is made up of the keep, San Vicente do Pino Monastery and the palace of the Counts of Lemos, which houses the Parador de Monforte Hotel. The monastery dates back to the 9th century, although the current structure was built in the 17th century in the neoclassical style. The building has a neoclassical central cloister with exceptionally well carved stonework. It is the ideal space for events, or simply to enjoy a stroll amid the silence and beauty of the stone.

Depending on flight arrivals take a quick nap or perhaps wander the 17th century town of Monforte de Lemos.

Tonight, we will gather privately for cocktails on the lawns overlooking the picturesque town of Monforte de Lemos. Entitled Vistas and Visions… Drink in both the fabulous local wines and the compelling vista as waiters serve local delicacies to whet your appetite for the private sit down tasting menu of typical Galician dishes and local wines.

When you travel with The Divine Destination Collection, you can be assured that you will experience spirituality, adventure and luxury. We will pull back the veil and reveal the truest essence of each magical destination. On the Camino, we have partnered with Sue Kenney, Camino Pilgrim, author, and speaker who will regale and delight us with stories of her adventures and paint a picture of what is about to unfold. It is here we create our Vision, where we will set “our intention” for our sacred journey on the Camino…tonight we reflect on our pending journey, walking back to our authentic selves with Sue Kenney. It promises to transform…


Author, Speaker, Camino Pilgrim and Coach Sue Kenney has completed the Camino 22 times and is considered an expert pilgrim. Her life work is to share the incredible experience of walking, simplifying life and embodying the virtues of being a pilgrim in life. Sue will walk with us and also lead us in a journaling workshop as well as offering people the opportunity to try “barefooting”.

After being suddenly downsized from her corporate telecom career, Sue embarked on the Camino to find purpose in her life. She walked alone in the winter and had a life-altering experience. Now she inspires others to walk the Camino; Coaching and Guiding groups twice a year. Five years ago Sue was called to start walking barefoot to be fully connected to Mother Earth. She designed the first pair of soleless footwear and pitched her business idea for Barebottom Shoes on the hit TV show Dragon’s Den.

Breakfast is included and at leisure in the hotel.

And so it begins! This morning we will begin our 118 km (73 miles) Camino Pilgrimage along the Camino Frances (French Way) in Sarria. In the spirit of the Divine Destination Collection, this long and winding road journey will take you through the expansive Spanish countryside and quaint villages while challenging your body, mind, heart and soul. Allison and Deb have walked this path before you and have designed each day to be challenging, yet doable, and there will be morning stops for delicious aromatic coffee, delicacies and afternoon respites with your favourite adult beverage.

A customized Camino pack with your official Camino Passport (which you will get stamped along the way as proof that you have walked the last 100 km (62 miles)), and goodies you will need along the walk will be provided.

The Divine Destination Collection will also provide a [popup_trigger id=”23899″ tag=”span style=color:#512D7F” classes=”krista”]highly trained yoga instructor[/popup_trigger] private for our clients who will work with us to lead us through morning stretches, poses at rest stops, lunches and end of the day, muscle releasing stretches.

Every day The Divine Destination Collection wraps its arms around you as Sue Kenney directs, informs, inspires, and shares experiences from this soulful pilgrimage called The Camino de Santiago Compostela. Every day our private yoga instructor will work with us to ensure we are giving ourselves the tender loving care our bodies need to traverse this way, the Way of St. James.

Today will walk 22.5 km (14 miles) from Sarria to Portmarín.

Discovering the local flavour is part of the adventure of walking the Camino, and today we’ll enjoy a rural lunch along the way at Paradela. The owners will be on hand to welcome us. The walking is equally as important as the reflecting, so we will be stopping both before and after lunch for bio breaks and treats.

Tonight we will be immersed in this picturesque medieval town as we embark on our Tapas Taberna Encounter where we will enjoy local hors d’oeuvres and dinner in two of Monforte de Lemos best tapas taverns, complete with delicious local wines.

Breakfast is included and at leisure in the hotel.

We traverse from Portmarín to Palas de Rei (25 km/15.5 miles), and today we’ll stop at Ventas de Naron and spread our blankets on the expansive lawn for a picnic lunch complete with water, wine and beer.

While you walk, your luggage which will be sent on ahead to our next stop A Parada das Bestas, a beautifully renovated 18th Century Galician farmhouse which we will call home for the next two nights.


Famous for its outstanding cuisine, Maria Varela the owner (with her husband Suso) works her magic in the kitchen combining the tradition of Galician gastronomy with the best of modern cuisine. They were even featured on the PBS 13 episode series “On the Road Again” with Gwyneth Paltrow and famous Spanish chefs.

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Tonight, post-yoga stretch, stroll to the quaint dining room for a delectable Farm to Fork dinner in this renowned restaurant famous for its delicious cuisine and organic local products and a recipient of many prestigious Spanish food awards.

We embark on the next stage of our journey…15 km (9.3 miles) from Palas de Rei to Melide along zen forest roads, across beautiful streams… the walking can at times include spirited conversation or serene solitude. The countryside continually offers lovely vistas with medieval churches and picturesque villages.

Our casual lunch today will be served at the famous Pulpería Ezequiel restaurant, known for its delicious octopus, soups, salads and homemade bread.

The walk ends after lunch today and before returning to our hotel we’ll stop by a rural family farm to taste delicious local wines and homemade cheeses. The owner will also guide us through the original farmhouse. The grounds and new builds on this property are a juxtaposition of ancient and modern and the cheese is sublime!

This evening we will venture out for our Galician Gastronomic Experience and dine at the O Muiño de Pena a charming 19th Century mill converted into a cosy guesthouse and restaurant. Also known for its local cuisine, this beautiful setting combined with the excellent cuisine amazes as you reflect on the reality of this very unique and unlikely pilgrim encounter.

Breakfast is included and at leisure in the hotel.

Our journey today is a 14 km (8.5 miles) walk from Melide to Arzúa. We will have a surprise or two planned for this leg of the Camino. Trust us, it’s worth waiting for!

Once again, we will send your luggage on ahead to our next stop… A Quinta de Auga a Relais & Châteaux boutique hotel and spa. We will have three (3) glorious nights here to recharge and perhaps enjoy a spa treatment (or two).


A Quinta da Auga, the only Hotel Spa Relais & Châteaux in Galicia, is a beautifully restored 18th Century paper mill on the banks of the Sar River. The hotel is surrounded by beautiful gardens, walking paths and bamboo copses on a large 2.5 acre estate outside of Santiago de Compostela. Quinta de Auga also features a unique 5 star Spa as well as the Filigrana Restaurant, which offers a true “Galicia Haute Cuisine” experience.

Lunch and the afternoon is at leisure and on own to enjoy the resort or book yourself a well-deserved spa appointment! Surrender to the beauty of this pastoral jewel.

Tonight the magic of your experience is enhanced as we invite you to a private Secret Garden Evening at the hotel complete with gourmet dinner, local wines and local entertainment in a hidden oasis on the property.

Breakfast is included and at leisure in the hotel.

We walk a 19 km (12 miles) trek from Arzúa to O Pedrouzo, become mesmerised and then refreshed with quaint stops along the way for coffee and a picnic lunch as well as beverages & cocktails at the end of the day.

So… we have experienced the unique and delicious cuisine of Galicia all week and tonight we immerse you into the heart and soul of the cuisine as we offer a Private Cooking Experience at Casa do Cruceiro, a unique restored 18th Century farmhouse. Here we will cook with the Chef and prepare our own dinner, which is topped off with amazing local wines. Delicioso!

Breakfast is included and at leisure in the hotel.

Our final day of walking… this last leg of the Camino is from Pedrouzo to Santiago de Compostela and will be in two parts, the first 15 km (9.3 miles) will be on horseback, a truly magical experience and the last 5 km (3.1 miles) and the final push into the Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela will be on foot. As usual, we will surprise and delight you as we have done on each day at our pop-up stops for rests, snacks and lunch.

Feel the mounting anticipation, the joy and relief as well as the palpable spirit when entering the Cathedral; imagine how the original pilgrims must have felt as they arrived centuries ago from all over the world. You have arrived… heart filled, mind expanded and soul shining…

Return to Quinta da Auga for an evening and dinner at leisure and on your own.

This morning we will have a bit of a lie in and depart after a late leisurely breakfast.
No need to wait in line, as The Divine Destination Collection staff will take all our Pilgrim Passports to the Pilgrims Office to obtain everyone’s official Compostela (Certificate).

We will head into Santiago de Compostela for a private guided walking experience through the old town. After which we will check-in to the famous Parador de Santiago where we will spend our last night… throw open your room’s cathedral-like windows and allow the sounds and smells of this medieval town to enter. From buskers to street vendors this place is alive and pulses with sweet sound and energy.


The Parador de Santiago, known as the Hostal dos Reis Católicos, is a blend of history, art and tradition, the dream of pilgrims and emblem of Santiago. It is located on Obradoiro Square near the cathedral, creating an area of spectacular beauty in one of the most visited provincial capitals in the world. A stay at this Parador means a visit to a truly unique and exclusive location.

The hotel was built as a royal hospital in 1499 to accommodate pilgrims travelling to Santiago. Today, it continues to invite visitors to enjoy a city that is as universal as it is fascinating. Inside this Parador Museum, considered the oldest hotel in the world, you will discover four beautiful cloisters, elegant rooms, spectacular guest rooms and a luxurious dining room

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Tonight we reflect on what we have achieved and how it has touched our soul (and soles) with a Farewell Sacred and Serene evening held privately in the Sacristy at the famed Parador de Santiago. It wouldn’t be a Divine Destination Collection experience without a surprise or two!

Breakfast is included and at leisure in the hotel.

Check out and departure. Private transfers to either the Santiago de Compostela or A Coruña International Airports will be provided for your flights home.

We have spent our time together walking, we have reflected, we have encountered the hidden gems, revealed the beauty and discovered the spirit of our destination and at the same time revealed special things about us to our destination, our travel companions and most importantly… ourselves…

The Divine Destination Collection presents, The Camino, the last 100 kilometres (62 miles), where luxury, adventure and spirituality meet…

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