“The Divine Destination Collection promised Muskoka in a new light, “unveiled and re-imagined…autumn reflections, rejuvenation and refinement.”  They fulfilled their promise and gave me much more! I learned a great deal about a place I thought I knew very well. I was surprised to learn that Muskoka is part of a North American Cultural Renaissance and theme was evident in every detail of our stay. First of all, the accommodations highlighted the natural beauty of the area, featured the work of the vibrant artistic community in the area and were luxurious. The food was delicious, reflected the culture of the area and the artistry of the executive chefs. The activities and programmes were interesting, diverse and unusual, and reflected the culture, adventure and spirituality of the area. AND, the weekend was magical! The group was wonderful. I met so many interesting people, made new friends and had so much fun!  I laughed until my sides hurt and sang until my voice strained! I enjoyed myself immensely. Thank you for a great time.”


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