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Scotland Itinerary

Majestic Scenery, Award-winning Culinary Experiences, Celtic Lore and So Much More…the Magic of this Mystical Land Revealed…

As the haunting strain of the pipes fills the air, the combination of the craggy beauty and sophistication of this destination calls to all of us.

Scotland, its name rolls proud and crisp off your tongue like the taste of its own home-brew, fine scotch whisky unrivalled in the world, as is its expansive landscapes and rolling skies. The allure of Scotland is timeless and priceless, and the experience is…sheer magic!

This adventure combines all of the truly wonderful elements this magical country has to offer…an exquisite culinary experience at a variety of award-winning and Michelin star restaurants… myths, lore, the energy of the land at many sacred sites and unspoiled scenery…and the juxtaposition of the old and new, historic and modern that exists.

Upon arrival at the Glasgow International Airport you will be met by The Divine Destination Collection and head directly out of the city to Loch Lomond.

Long may yer lum reek! What? It’s pure brilliant Scottish for “we hope you live a long and healthy life.” Welcome to this place that is like no other…from touchdown, we whisk you away and ‘round every corner you are astounded by the incredible rugged beauty of it all. We’ve taken the high road and the low road and arrived at Loch Lomond (not afore ya) but for lunch. Enjoy hearty fare for lunch at the quaint Bridge Orchy Hotel. From here it’s on to our first historic property just outside of Fort William.

If it’s not Scottish…it’s Crap!! (OK we just wanted to say that) Far from crap, our home for the first two nights is, Inverlochy Castle, a Relais & Châteaux hotel. Staying at Inverlochy immediately wraps you in the feeling of serenity and sumptuousness, you literally breathe in the history while being soothed by the luxury and crackling lobby fires.


It is a beautiful 19th century castle surrounded by the lusciousness of the evergreen trees and the sparkling blue from the nearby loch. Being in Scotland’s finest Country Hotel, you will enjoy the holiday of a lifetime, where every detail for your comfort and enjoyment has been carefully considered and one which you are sure never to forget.


Drawing room feeling like your very own living room? Check!, Fire lit?, check! Countrified wait-staff at the ready with your favourite cocktail?, Check! Tonight, we will gather privately for cocktails in the Yellow Room of the Castle with a Storyteller to regale us with tales of the land and local lore. And, in the ever, gentrified style, dinner will follow in the Library with a harpist to entertain.

Retire “up the stairs” with a warming nightcap or succumb to the castle’s 120 brands of Scotch Whisky and the expert that can introduce and educate you to the nose of each blend.

Either way, feel the fire that warms the belly and melts a heart, be a proud witness to this stunning land.

Breakfast is included and at leisure in the hotel.

After a delicious hot Scottish breakfast, why not indulge as the Nobles would have done in the Scotland of yore. The castle that you call home offers clay shooting, archery, tomahawk throwing and sheep dog herding. Enjoy a gondola ride up Ben Nevis (Scotland’s highest peak), bike ride along the Caledonian canal with a visit to Fort William or take in a nature walk in the Highland Glen and Loch Leven. An activity allowance is included.

Cheeks ruddy and senses alert, tonight, enjoy dinner at your leisure in Inverlochy Castle’s award-winning restaurant. Albert and Michel Roux Jr at Inverlochy Castle offer a culinary experience to savour, the legendary father and Michelin Star/Television star son take the helm of the kitchen and offer the finest dishes using local produce.

Albert and Michel Roux Jr at Inverlochy Castle

Michel Albert Roux, known as Michel Roux Jr., is a French-British two-star Michelin chef at the London restaurant Le Gavroche. TV shows: MasterChef: The Professionals, Saturday Kitchen, First Class Chefs, Master Chef Goes Large.

After dinner, in true Divine Destination Collection style, feel free to meet up in the Green Room for a nightcap before heading off to bed.

Breakfast is included and at leisure in the hotel.

Today we head deeper into the Highlands and on to the Inner Hebrides. From Fort William, the largest town in the Highlands, which lies in the shadow of Ben Nevis (Britain’s highest mountain) we head to the Isle of Skye.

From craggy cliffs to sea to Skye. Today we venture Into the Mystic…(ok we know Van Morrison is Irish, but still…it’s the best way to describe the majestic transition).

From a magical experience in the first-class carriage of the Jacobite Steam Train, (enjoy a moment of whimsy as you view and cross the famous Glenfinnan Viaduct or “Harry Potter Bridge”), to Mallaig where we board the large and stable (thank goodness!) ferry.

Divine, re-defines itself as tea (as only the UK provides) and delectable scones are served on the train and a gourmet deli snack on the ferry delights, all while delivering scenery that captivates your soul.

Skye…the isle emerges as if it exists just outside this realm. It is ethereal, it is powerful, it is liminal. a place that feels as if you have one foot on the earth and the other in heaven.

It is here that we tuck ourselves into the Skeabost Isle of Skye Hotel. A shabby chic resort that wraps its arms around its guests amid jaw-dropping scenery.


Lovingly restored and stunningly refurbished, this iconic hotel is an idyllic retreat in a jaw-dropping location on one of the world’s favourite islands.

The 18-bedroom Skeabost, was originally built as a hunting lodge in 1871 and is situated in 23 acres of woodland on the edge of a loch, with views out to sea and crofting hamlets.


Tonight, we’ll gather, drink and “sup” privately in the Chapel and perhaps you will “gee us a song Jimmy” as we enjoy our own local entertainment! Fire lit, candlelight burning, music soothing …Good food, good company, good fun…Scotland revealed…as only with the Divine Destination Collection can.

Breakfast is at leisure in the hotel.

Your Day Your Way...With The Divine Destination Collection, we unveil this spectacular Isle to you offering a day of Sensational Sensations!

Choose from a rigorous hike to the Fairy Pools (a series of interconnected waterfalls with crystal clear water, which are thought to be a place of spiritual healing.) or,

“Up Close and Personal” with local art & Artisans. Stop into local art galleries, textile & jewellery shops and chat up the artists who will be happy to put the kettle on for ya.

Both experiences will have you meeting up at Talisker Distillery for “a wee dram”, where we’ll partake in a private whisky tasting in a rugged and rustic setting.

Talk about juxtaposition… the Isle of Skye whose history harks back to the Iron Age, and who’s crofts seem locked in time, is home to the award winning (and we mean almost Michelin) Three Chimneys Restaurant…the most famous in the Hebrides. Today, experience an unforgettable gourmet lunch with vintage wines…

In the spirit of The Divine Destination Collection, we always provide a surprise or two and we may have one in store for you today.

Spent, satiated and serene, enjoy dinner tonight at your leisure in the Skeabost Hotel restaurant.

Breakfast is included and at leisure in the hotel.

Skye has worked its magic, you feel bucolic yet pampered, brisk air and warm fires embrace you as breakfast is served.

Depart Skye and, tracking back to the mainland by a different route, we are overcome by so much beauty its hard-to-process the scenery and the experiences… hud yer wheesht Debi (pronounced Daybe)… it’s a surprise!

Outlander Fans rejoice! We arrive at Culloden Battlefield (the powerfully moving site of the final Jacobite Rising – the last and most harrowing pitched battle to be fought on British soil). From here it’s on to the mystical site of Clava Cairns (the inspiration for Craigh Na Dun, where Claire went through the stones).

From here, it’s a First-Class Train from Inverness with a light snack on board as the landscape lulls you into a dreamlike state of relaxation and joy. Next stop Gleneagles Station.

When Gleneagles first opened its doors in 1924, this magnificent countryside estate in the heart of Scotland was described as a “Riviera in the Highlands”. Today, as a member of The Leading Hotels of the World, Gleneagles continues to offer an unbeatable array of attractions that includes a five-star luxury hotel, three championship golf courses, an award-winning spa, and the only restaurant in Scotland to hold two Michelin stars.


A Glorious Playground…Known throughout the world as the host venue for the G8 summit of world leaders in 2005 and golf’s 2014 Ryder Cup.


Manicured lawns, top hatted doorman, championship golf courses, this is the epitome of gentrified Scotland. Private check in with an afternoon cocktail on the lawns of this iconic country estate.

Dinner at leisure and on own. This evening check out one of the many restaurants on property, including Restaurant Andrew Fairlie, the only restaurant in Scotland to hold two Michelin stars.

Breakfast is included and at leisure in the hotel.

The Gleneagles experience is quintessentially Scottish countryside elegance…awake and feel how it relaxes and soothes…

Now take that feeling into the day and enjoy a full day at leisure. Explore one of the many activities on property (spa, golf, falconry, land rover safari, etc.).

The moors invite and they may surprise...

Tonight, The Divine Destination Collection takes you behind the scenes and back in time at Gleneagles to the roaring 20’s when art deco was all the rage. Join us for a private Be Easy Speakeasy event in the American Bar with heavy hot and cold hors d’oeuvres, wine and prosecco with a sultry torch singer to set the mood. A special knock, the Speakeasy door opens, feel the thrill of imbibing in the era of prohibition…

Breakfast is included and at leisure in the hotel.

After a wee bit of a lie in this morning it’s off to Edinburgh, an easy hour through captivating Scottish countryside.

Edinburgh, mystically said to be named for the original Garden of Eden, some mystics have said that Scotland was linked by light to the other world before it fell from grace. It is one of the most stately, yet cosmopolitan cities of its time. The preservation of its historical architecture is exemplified by our home for the next two nights, The iconic Balmoral Hotel.


For over a century, The Balmoral (A Rocco Forte hotel) has found a home at Edinburgh’s most prestigious address, No. 1 Princes Street.


With the Divine Destination Collection, we bring you experiences that most would be hard pressed to find. In Scotland, we peel back the veil and invite you behind the curtain to a true down-home Scottish experience as you “dine with the locals.” Three families open their doors to us for an evening of delicious cuisine, a dram or two and a good old fashioned “chinwag”.

The morn breaks, the sun rises and you awake in urban Scotland. Feel the vibe, from castles, to gentrified Scottish countryside, from glorious refurbished row houses, to urban Edinburgh, this country reveals its heart and soul. Today’s breakfast is included and at leisure in the hotel, in the city.

A special treat awaits us this morning. We will have the opportunity enjoy a private visit to the stunningly beautiful Rosslyn Chapel (the setting for the final scene in Dan Brown’s The DaVinci Code). Feel free to learn about this magnificent chapel with our exclusive guides or sit in quiet contemplation as you take it all in. Truly a moving experience

Conspiracy theories abound in connection to the venerated 15th century chapel just outside Edinburgh. Rosslyn Chapel has divided historians and has been fodder for novelists and filmmakers who imagined it to be imbued with mystical energies.


Symbols and signs tattoo its interior and mystery is housed between every slab and stone, including carvings that are said to relate to the masons, pagans, early Christianity and the Knights Templar. There are tales of hauntings in and around the chapel and the eerie Apprentice Pillar, believed to have been carved by a lowly apprentice stonemason who was then murdered by his master in a fit of jealousy, might just give you the shivers.


From here it’s on to the famed Edinburgh Castle which looms large about the city. Our fantastic guides will give us an overview of the history as well as a myth or two about William Wallace and Robert the Bruce. Freedom!!!!!!! (a la Braveheart!)

The afternoon is yours to explore the picturesque historic city centre, have a pint at a local pub or pick up a few last-minute purchases before heading home.

“Pipes and Pageantry…In the Footsteps of the Royals”…a regal farewell evening aboard the Royal Yacht Britannia, exclusively for The Divine Destination Collection. Imagine, we will be boarding, The Royal Yacht Britannia!! We begin the evening with a champagne reception in the State Drawing Room. As we have the yacht privately, we are actually able to wander through the ship at our leisure to see where Charles and Diana honeymooned. A formal gourmet dinner will be held in the State Dining room complete with wine and Scottish dancers to entertain. Want a sneak peek of this historic and exclusive venue? Check out The Crown on Netflix.

Breakfast is included and at leisure in the hotel. Check out and departure. Private transfers to the Edinburgh International Airport will be provided for you flights home.

Or hame as they say in Scotland. Reflect on your journey, Aye, it’s been one of craggy hills, castles, countryside, cairns, classic and unprecedented cuisine, charm imbued with luxury, cosmopolitan comfort, clans and curiosity, curated experiences and the haunting sounds of pipes and pageantry that melt your heart and expose an ache in your soul.

Travel transforms the traveller and with The Divine Destination Collection, your encounter with Scotland will leave you forever changed, forever entranced and forever wanting more…Slàinte mhath!

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