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Revive…A Return to Joy, Substance & Resilience

Fairmont Le Chateau Montebello

Let’s step back in time to the world’s largest log cabin, built 90 years ago. We will share amid firesides and fall foliage, gastronomy and joie de vivre, savouring fine food, magnificent scenery and soul inspiring experiences.

Having emerged out of COVID, let us remember the lessons of this time. Let us remember that we have time, we must share and we must love. This is your time to dust yourself off, gather in and step forward with consciousness and joy.

Our first foray into the world of actual travel keeps us closer to home…located between Ottawa and Montreal in a picturesque setting along the Ottawa River, lies the iconic Fairmont Le Château Montebello…the perfect place to gather after more than a year apart.

Let’s step back in time to the world’s largest log cabin, built 90 years ago. We will share amid firesides and fall foliage, gastronomy and joie de vivre, savouring fine food, magnificent scenery and soul inspiring experiences.

Already the journey has begun with a page out of a time when life was simpler…people kinder and mother earth more revered…So, imagine that lockdowns have been lifted, second vaccines administered and the country emerging and interacting again (masks and social distancing always in play).

Fairmont Le Château Montebello

REVIVE…A return to joy, substance and resilience Fairmont le Château Montebello

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  • So calming & relaxing! Loved the forest bathing, yoga and friendly interactions

  • Liked the size of the group, conducive for connection.  Liked the diversity within the group…like-mindedness.

  • I really applaud the courage of the Divine Destination Collection team to put this on during the challenges of covid…showing such flexibility and perseverance.

  • To the SUPER CONDUCTORS - Deb and Allison,
    I feel lucky, and am very grateful, that the universe
    has guided me on a path which you illuminate.

  • Such a special experience, loved every minute of it!

  • So fun & relaxing…a lovely break from the everyday.  So enjoyed meeting everyone and loved the restorative yoga with Allie.  You guys did a FAB job!!

  • I so appreciate all you did to make the weekend truly joyful, relaxing and rejuvenating. I really enjoyed meeting everyone. You really out did yourselves.

  • The trip was so grounding, soulful and fun!  What I enjoyed most was the yoga and the connections made with the group.

  • Thank you so much for your planning finesse. Significant to say, both you and Deb add a lot to the event(s) by being so personable, and by mingling with the revellers in an authentic way.

  • Absolutely fabulous! Such a beautiful hotel and made wonderful new friends


  • Three nights luxurious accommodation at the historic Fairmont Le Château Montebello (including breakfast daily) located between Ottawa and Montreal on the picturesque Ottawa River.
  • The historic Fairmont Le Château Montebello is home to its own iconic lobby bar with a six-sided fireplace…Bienvenue and please “Meet Me in the Bar” as we kick off the evening with a cocktail or mocktail… followed by Le Chez Chic dinner in Aux Chantignoles our retreat’s fine dining restaurant…Bonsoir as we nightcap by the fireside (you just won’t get enough of that fireplace)!
  • Arise…get your glow on…private yoga, (twice daily)  led by Allie Chisholm-Smith…curated to gently transform your worry and anxiety,  build foundation, stability, and resilience in both gentle and restorative styles, focused on breathing practices and movement designed to build Ojas (Sanskrit for a healthy glow).

    Allie Chisholm-Smith

    Allie Chisholm-Smith, E-RYT, MES, has been teaching yoga since 1997, teacher training for most of those years and a studio owner since 1999. She is a lifelong learner of Yoga philosophies and the science of Ayurveda. She fosters curiosity and compassion as driving forces for right action to create balance and contentment. Allie can be found on all podcast platforms, YouTube and social media. Her classes are available online. She lives in Huntsville, ON, Canada.
  • Daily casual and informative workshops led by Allie on how to work and worry less, strategies on anxiety reduction, and learn more about Ayurveda.
  • Evening free to savour the bistros of Montebello or remain on the property – with a nightcap and sugar shack mini snack before retiring.
  • A Stabilizing affair…a commune with Mother Nature to include guided forest bathing or Shinrin-yoku with Allie.
  • Leisure time for spa and just reading by the fire…or indulge in taking to the Brasseur, Fromage or Chocolat tasting..on your own but a slice of heaven nonetheless.
  • Exclusive au revoir “Simply Divine” Garden Party on the hotel terrace with gourmet cuisine and wonderful vintages.


Fairmont Le Château Montebello

For 90 years, Fairmont Le Château Montebello has been known for its rustic charm, unique architecture, and beautiful natural surroundings. Described as the true Canadian experience, the world’s largest log cabin is a welcoming resort destination with more than 40 unique activities and experiences available on-site.

Each of the 210 hotel guest rooms and brand new suite celebrate the local aesthetic that exudes an evolution of Quebecois life and display an elegant rustic yet contemporary decor with residential comforts and amenities – making guests feel at home and at peace with their surroundings. The different types of guest rooms offered to make it easy to create an experience tailored to your needs.

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