Peru: The Mystical Inca Trail

A 6 or 10 day journey unlike any other… Mysterious, mystical, magical…

The “Lost City” of Machu Picchu holds such a fascination for explorers and travellers alike

Mysterious, mystical, magical are the words that come to mind … the “Lost City” of Machu Picchu, the “Inca Home of the Gods”…this special place holds such a fascination for explorers and travelers alike and promises to transform you in ways no other destination can.

The Divine Destination Collection has created an encounter with this destination unlike any other, encompassing the country’s vast cultural diversity, traditions and unimaginable natural wonders. Truly a unique experience where luxury, adventure and spirituality meet….from Lima to the Sacred Valley, to Cusco, to Machu Picchu, the adventure continues as we traverse on to Iquitos and board the luxurious Delphin II Amazon Cruise.

Take a deep breath as you reflect on what is before you and know in your soul you are about to experience something truly awe-inspiring and almost indescribable!

Upon arrival at Lima International Airport you will be met by The Divine Destination Collection and transferred privately to the luxurious Belmond Miraflores Park Hotel.


Set in one of Lima’s most fashionable areas, the Belmond Miraflores Park takes you straight to the heart of all that’s best about this great capital city.

Renowned for its beautiful garden location beside the Pacific Ocean, it has breathtaking views out to sea. This luxury hotel combines personalised service, exceptional dining and indulgent facilities to create the perfect base from which to explore. Colonial architecture, superb museums with Inca gold and Pre-Columbian antiquities, and glamorous shops, bars and restaurants are all just moments from the hotel.

In Miraflores history and tradition sits side-by-side with the city’s important commercial and financial centres. The hotel is surrounded by a park and has incredible ocean views.

This afternoon, submerge immediately into the essence of Lima through our Architectural Masterpieces Experience. Peru’s capital is a rich kaleidoscope of colonial architectural jewels, revered pre Columbian sites, charming residential areas, and vibrant shopping districts perched over the blue Pacific. Resplendent amidst this thriving metropolis are the Lima Cathedral and the Santo Domingo Convent.


Lima Cathedral: Is located on the site of the first Church of Lima. The interior is austere and it shelters real historic jewels like the finely carved wooden pews of the Baltasar Noguera choir, different side altars, and the remains of Francisco Pizarro. In addition, the Museum of Religious Art possesses an important collection of canvases, sculptures, chalices, and chasubles

Santo Domingo Convent: The Church and Convent of Santo Domingo date back to the end of the 16th Century. The church is famous in Lima for being the only one with a “real” steeple, which due to the construction over several stages has a very peculiar style. Inside the church are the oldest choir stalls in Lima, the famous statue of the Virgen del Rosario and the silver urns that contain the relics of Santa Rosa (the patron saint of Lima) and San Martín de Porres.

Tonight we continue to reveal this spectacular city to you as we take over a private section of the Huaca Pucllana Restaurant on their outdoor terrace. This chic eatery overlooks the illuminated Incan ruins while managing to continue to create culinary magnificence and pure deliciousness. The Divine Destination Collection has arranged for a private ruin experience before dinner. To understate the obvious and to quote Time Magazine…”There is nothing like dining on haute cuisine while taking in 1500 year old views.”


The following is a TIME Magazine review: You don’t have to trek into the Andes to see vestiges of Peru’s ancient civilizations. Lima has a large number of historical ruins, known locally as huacas, which can be spotted in many neighbourhoods. They are generally fenced off, but that is the extent of the preservation. One of the major exceptions is the Pucllana Temple, or Huaca Pucllana, in the city’s upscale Miraflores district. This adobe ceremonial centre was likely built around 500 A.D., during the cultural height of Lima’s history. Much of the site has been restored and excavations continue to uncover artifacts and the occasional mummy.

The huaca is creatively illuminated at night, giving it a movie-set aura. To make your visit even better, there’s an on-site restaurant that serves haute cuisine prepared by an internationally trained chef.


  • Evening tour of the famous Magic Fountains in the Park Reserve.

  • Amaze yourself with the most complex electronic sources in the world, certified by Guinness World Record. You can enjoy a wonderful show of water, light, music and images, presented in the famous Park Reserve.
Breakfast is included and at leisure in the hotel.

Check-out of the hotel and privately transfer to the airport for flight to Cusco (approximately 1.5 hours).

Upon arrival at Cusco you will be met by The Divine Destination Collection and privately transferred to the Sacred Valley.

A surprise is in store for you as you enter the Sacred Valley!

Private Check-in at the luxurious Belmond Hotel Rio Sagrado.

Set on the banks of the rushing Urubamba River, this luxury hotel is built in natural materials to resemble an authentic Andean village. As The Divine Destination Collection prides itself on carefully curating the absolute right experience for our travellers, we have elected to begin the journey in the Sacred Valley in order to help incrementally adjust to the altitudes we will be experiencing on this journey. Situated at a lower altitude than nearby Cusco, the hotel provides the perfect environment in which to acclimatise, and is an ideal base to explore the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu.


In the Sacred Valley of the Incas, among verdant fields and towering mountains, lies Belmond Hotel Rio Sagrado. The Sacred Valley is the former heart of the Inca Empire, starting just 10 miles outside of Cusco. It extends between the towns of Pisac and Ollantaytambo.

The area is jewelled by incomparable Inca ruins, stunning Andean mountain vistas and charming towns.

Rushing through the valley is the Urubamba River, with tributaries in many lakes and gorges. To the north end of the valley is the spectacular Machu Picchu citadel—a must see for visitors to the area.

Bright and vibrant, Deluxe Terrace Rooms offer a serene space for rest in the verdant Sacred Valley. Each Deluxe Terrace Rooms is unique and offers stunning views over the Urubamba River and across the Sacred Valley. Constructed from natural stones and wood, the rooms create a wonderful sense of harmony that extends onto your private flagstone terrace.

Please note: In order to preserve a complete sense of relaxation, Belmond Hotel Rio Sagrado does not offer in-room televisions. So savour fresh produce in the restaurant, enjoy a local Sacred Valley massage or spend a few soothing minutes feeding the hotel’s baby alpacas. Slip into the spirit of Peruvian life.

Tonight enjoy a private Welcome Cocktail Reception at the resort with hot & cold hors d’oeuvres. Here we’ll marvel at the stunning views over the Urubamba River and the Sacred Valley itself. You hug your wineglass, you breathe yourself into full presence. The beauty and the energy of this place are so intense that it almost hurts.

Dinner at leisure and on own in the resort’s restaurant.

Breakfast is included and at leisure daily in the hotel.

Depart this morning for our Connection Experience, with the indigenous community of Huilloc in the rural Andes. A dirt road takes us into the mountains, where we will have the unique opportunity to meet the locals in their homes, see how they how they live and have an opportunity to connect with the villagers.


Travel up the mountain from the town of Ollantaytambo. In an hour it brings us to the small farming community of Huilloc (Whéel-yoke). A local interpreter will welcome you and will guide you to the house of the owner of Chakra, whom we will share some muña tea, a local plant which will help you with the high altitude sickness. The owner of the Chakra will invite us to help them with their activities.

Lunch and the afternoon are at leisure. Please stop by your private concierge at The Divine Destination Hospitality Desk. Here we will offer optional experiences such as a visit to the Maras Salt Mines and Moray Ruins, as well as to the Ollantaytambo Ruins.


  • Maras Salt Mines: Is located near of the town of Maras surrounded by huge snow peaks named “La Veronica” (5682m) and “Chicon” (5530m). This place is known as the saltpans of Salineras of the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Maras-Salineras is a great attraction with thousands of evaporation salt flats that form an enormous salt mine, this process of production has existed since Incan times.
  • Moray Terraces: This archaeological Inca Complex is located about 7km away from the town of Maras. These are enormous natural depressions or hollows in the ground that Incas used as irrigated farming terraces.
  • Ollantaytambo Fortress: Ollantaytambo is another magnificent archaeological site. Due to its strategic location, it was a military fort built to protect the capital of the Inca Empire from possible invasions.

This evening, the destination continues to be revealed to you in a very interactive way. The Divine Destination Collection creates events that present the magic of a destination in a “behind the velvet rope” kind of way. Tonight is no exception as we transfer out to the Wayra Restaurant, set in the picturesque setting of Peru’s Sacred Valley this is the perfect location for a delicious mouth-watering local BBQ dinner.

The decor inside the Wayra Ranch is one of opulence and luxury. Undoubtedly serene and charming, the inside of the restaurant is just the beginning, as you walk by the fireplace onto the terrace. Here we will have a private section where a feeling of personal paradise overcomes you. Following a delicious dinner complete with pisco sours and fine wines, enjoy the Up Close and Personal Interaction with Peruvian Paso Horses.

Known worldwide for their smooth gaited movements and unusual spirit, no other horse combines strength, intelligence and beauty so perfectly as the Peruvian Paso Horse. Enjoy a delightful demonstration of the skills of this unique member of the horse kingdom.

Breakfast is included and is at your leisure in the hotel restaurant.

Up and at ‘em early this morning. As we board the VistaDome Train to Aguascalientes for our day at Machu Picchu.

The Vistadome train is the ideal train for those who want to be in contact with the environment and appreciate the wonderful journey to Machu Picchu. Surrounded entirely by glass and wagons with large panoramic windows offering incomparable scenic views and numerous opportunities to capture amazing pictures, travellers feel connected and part of the impressive landscape of Peru.

We round the last bend, and there – in a surreal pinnacle-clad landscape – is Machu Picchu, the “Lost City of the Incas”. Entering Machu Picchu for the first time is an overwhelming experience. A lost city suspended above the clouds, mounted on crystal rock and protected by a circle of mountain spirits, a dreamscape so remote and so unique, it is as if you have stepped into the pages of a Tolkien fantasy novel. Through an ever thinning veil of mist, this otherworldly place will slowly reveal its secrets.

The Divine Destination Collection is committed to revealing the destination to our travellers in a way that pulls back the veil, that gives you access to information and experiences not readily available to all. Today is no exception as we have engaged our own personal Shaman, Victor, to be our exclusive guide through this magnificent site and regale us with information that illuminates the sacredness of this site and will facilitate the slow reveal of its secrets. Today is Behind the Veil…a Machu Picchu encounter.


Machu Picchu Citadel lay hidden from the western world until American explorer, Hiram Bingham, stumbled upon it in 1911. He came here in search of the fabled El Dorado, the “lost city of gold” but instead found a circular rock cathedral encoded with the living faith of a mysterious people who called themselves “children of the sun”. He found abandoned stone-mansions that once housed astronomer priests and virgins of the sun; temples that aligned with the sun, moon and the stars and in the centre stood a mysterious sun-stone that was used by the Inca priests to ceremonially tie the sun to the earth. This discovery was to become one of the greatest archaeological treasures of the 20th century. Today our Shaman guide will provide an in-depth tour of the mysterious labyrinth taking us to the Temples of the Sun and the Moon, the Temple of the Condor, the Temple of the Three Windows, the spiritual centre of the site, the Intihuatana or the Hitching Post of the Sun and the Pachamama Rock

A more modern icon of the area is the Belmond Sanctuary Lodge which is the only hotel located adjacent to the ancient Inca citadel of Machu Picchu.

This delightful hideaway is the perfect place to relax and unwind in the shadow of the Lost City. Enjoy lunch in Tinnkuy restaurant. You can also return later in the day for high tea.

Blessed and Bliss…Ceremony to Mother Earth: For those who wish, we will spend 30 minutes participating and learning from the Inca’s mysterious rites and rituals.


There will be a performance of the ceremonies and help us build our prayers and offerings with care, precision and devotion.. In the Andes, a despacho ceremony involves making offerings to the mountains (apus), mother earth (pachamama) and other spirits of nature. After the despacho has been prepared, the shaman uses it to cleanse the energy body of each participant. Then the despacho is placed in a ceremonial fire, and while it is being burned we will turn our backs to the flames so that the spirit of the great condor (apuchin) can come down and consume the hucha (heavy energy) from the despacho, and bring our prayers up to the heavens.

For those who do not wish to participate in the ceremony feel free to wander the site at leisure, do some shopping or return to the Belmond Sanctuary for high tea.

We will meet in the Belmond private departure lounge at the train station in Aguascalientes to board the deluxe 1920’s Hiram Bingham Train to Cusco.

Step back in time as we enter the train and the era of opulence and elegance. The evening begins with everyone meeting in the bar car for Pisco Sours and live entertainment followed by a gourmet 3 course dinner with wine in the elegant dining car.
The Belmond Hiram Bingham is an exclusive luxury train, named after the explorer who rediscovered the Inca citadel and is decorated in the style of 1920s.

Arrival at Cusco and private transfer to the 5 star Belmond Monasterio Hotel which is located right beside the lively Cusco central square.

One of the most unique hotels in Cusco, it is a former monastery and a national monument dating from 1592. This delightful retreat combines centuries-old charm with luxury hotel service. Discover inspired restaurants and boutique rooms and suites, all clustered around a tranquil central courtyard.

The ideal hotel from which to discover the delights of Cusco, its doors open to a vibrant scene of old and modern architecture, markets, galleries and restaurants serving ‘new Andean’ cuisine.
Private check in and then off to your guestrooms for a good night’s sleep! Or perhaps enjoy a nightcap in the hotel’s bar.

NOTE: Being in Cusco we are now at 11,000 feet above sea level. Remember to take it slow, sip Coca Tea, and eat & drink lightly, allowing yourself to acclimatize to the higher altitude.


Belmond Hotel Monasterio is only a ten-minute drive from the airport. It is just two blocks from Cusco’s central square, where the cathedral and most important museums are located. Replete with historic architecture and brimming with spirit, Cusco is one of the best places to visit in Peru.

This unique hotel museum is an architectural treasure built on Inca foundations. It combines the majesty of a colonial monastery with the luxury, elegance and comfort of a modern five-star hotel.

Originally built in 1592, Belmond Hotel Monasterio sits on the site of Inca Amaru Qhala’s palace. Six years later, the Spanish took it over and founded the Seminary of San Antonio Abad.

An earthquake seriously damaged the building in 1650, and upon restoration the beautiful Chapel was added. In 1965, the building was remodelled as a hotel.

Belmond Hotel Monasterio is now a national historic landmark, protected by Peru’s National Institute of Culture. The Hotel’s design features historic touches to reflect its rich heritage. The stones around the entrance doors still bear the Spanish Arms Escutcheon and the image of Bishop Monsignor Juan Serricolea y Olea. The Chapel is decorated in Baroque style, with gold-plated pictures frames. Magnificent paintings depict scenes from the life of its patron saint.

At the heart of the hotel is the beautiful cloistered courtyard, featuring a tranquil fountain and 300-year-old cedar tree. Enjoy modern comfort surrounded by timeless charm at one of the top luxury hotels in Peru.

With an enviable position in the centre of Cusco, accommodation at Belmond Hotel Monasterio serves as the perfect retreat after a day exploring the city. Each Room is wonderfully unique, reflecting the monastery’s charm and elegance. Rich wood furnishings, antique artwork and architectural quirks add to the historic atmosphere.

Rooms are enriched with oxygen to combat the effects of Cusco’s high altitude.

Breakfast is included at is at your leisure in the hotel restaurant.

This morning we are out exploring the city of Cusco and its archaeological sites with Victor our Shaman. Cusco is revealed as we visit the following sites.


The extraordinarily crafted Temple of the Sun (Templo del Sol) at Koricancha was the most sumptuous temple in the Inca Empire. Some 4,000 priests and their attendants once lived within its confines. Koricancha also served as the main astronomical observatory for the Incas.

The cathedral has eleven chapels on its side wings and a small church called El Triunfo, which is accessible with help (one step). There you will find the crypt which contains the ashes of writer Inca Garcilaso de la Vega.


Sacsayhuamán is one of the most amazing Incan constructions. Its Quechua name means “satisfied falcon”, it was the falcon that guarded the capital of the empire, since it was possible to overlook Cusco from the hill in where it was erected.

It is said that the work was started by Pachacútec and continued by Túpac Yupanqui, even though some chroniclers state that it was Huayna Cápac who gave it the final touch. Inca Garcilaso de la Vega says that Apu Huallpa Rimachi was the main architect, and that Inca Maricanhi, Acahuana Inca and Calla Cunchuy successively took control of the works.

Its construction took over seven decades and required the work of 20,000 men approximately, both for the foundations and hewn stone works, the transportation of materials, carving and stones setting. Hewn stones could have been located at Muina, Huacoto and Rumicolca, 20 kilometers away from Cusco, and at closer places such as Sallu, Rumi, Chita, Curovilca and Viracocha. Some of its external walls exceed the 9 meters of height and 350 tons of weight.

Spectacular fortress built with huge carved rocks jointed with absolute accuracy, this astounding sample of the Incan military architecture is, undoubtedly, the greatest architectonic work of the Tahuantinsuyo. But, in addition, it proves the undeniable firmness of the great administrative capacity of the empire and its powerful logistic system capable of mobilizing and organizing such a work.

This afternoon at the culmination of our tour we will participate in a Closing Ceremony at the Temple of the Moon with our Shaman, Victor.

Lunch and the afternoon are at leisure


Pisco Sour and Ceviche experience: We will discuss Pisco, its history, aromas and flavours and learn about the qualities that make this such a unique beverage. We continue with a fun and interactive round of Pisco Sour Making. Then how to prepare the most popular Peruvian dish… El Ceviche. This class will give you the experience and knowledge needed to prepare the best Ceviche.

There are a few surprises in store for you this evening, but we can’t let the cat out of the bag.

We can tell you that our exclusive private dinner will be at MAP Café: one of Cuzco’s best restaurants. Located in the courtyard of the Pre-Columbian Art Museum Cusco, this glass cube contrasts harmoniously with the colonial architecture of the house. It was originally an Inca ceremonial court around 1450 A.D. and in 1580 became the private mansion of conqueror Alonso Díaz and then in 1850 belonged to the Earl of Cabrera. It was restored and converted into the Pre-Columbian Art Museum in 2003.

As the evening comes to an end you know that you have been changed, you know that you have experienced something undeniably transformational, Peru revealed to you itself and as it did you discovered so much of this magical place and so much more about yourself.

Breakfast is included and is at your leisure in the hotel restaurant

Depart the hotel for Cusco Airport for flights to Lima

Depart Lima for Iquitos (2 hrs)…or home


NOTE: For those who will be leaving us today and have late night departures, you will have the opportunity to book day rooms at the Wyndham Airport hotel to rest and relax in the afternoon. In the evening, we will transfer to the Café Del Museo in the Larco Museum for a delicious 3 course dinner in the courtyard restaurant. The Museo Larco Café Restaurant offers an enchanting ambiance where one can savour the best of Peruvian and International cuisine. It showcases the flavours, products and customs of the country, giving it a character which reflects the vibrancy of modern Peru.

As guests of The Divine Destination Collection you will have an opportunity to stroll through the museum either before or after dinner to take in one of the most captivating narrative accounts of more than 5000 years of Pre-Columbian Peruvian History. The Larco Museum is housed in an 18th century viceroyalty-era mansion. Surrounded by beautiful gardens, the Larco Museum is a stimulating and inspiring space ..a fitting location to end an inspiring experience in Peru!

From the museum we will transfer to Lima airport for flights home.

Take me to the river…The amazing Amazon

Your journey may end in Cusco or …take yourself all the way, (you have made that long flight already) and add on intimate 4 night Peruvian Amazon cruise aboard the luxurious Delfin II,  where the connection with the Amazon is intimate yet luxurious.. A magical journey of discovery with all the comforts provided by world class lodging yet with the spirit of casual and refined elegance while you cruise the Peruvian Pacaya Samiria National Reserve.

Your Amazon journey takes off on arrival in Iquitos, were we will pick you up and take you to the vessel. In the following days, you will experience an ideal combination of natural wonders, dramatic scenery, indigenous cultural history, and a relaxed self-contained way to explore the rainforest while seeing nature at its best.

Arrive Iquitos where you will be met by The Divine Destination Collection and private transfers to Al Frio y Al Fuego floating restaurant for lunch. A wonderful floating palapa in the middle of the river. A wonderful way to start your Amazonian Adventure.

From here we will travel to the town of Nauta (approximately 1.5 hr drive) where we will board the luxurious Delfin II.

Relax and settle into your lovely cabin, each with movie screen sized windows, air conditioning and natural elements.

Join us at the bar for a drink before heading into the quaint dining room for dinner accompanied by fine wines.

After dinner feel free to stargaze on the deck or retire to your cabin as we meander down the Amazon.

The Amazing Amazon, you are about to explore one of the world’s most intriguing environments. Flora, fauna and indigenous peoples abound here… while time stands still.

Breakfast is included and at leisure daily on the cruise.

The Amazon Rainforest, this is where you are……reflect for a moment on the enormity of this. It constitutes over half of the planet’s remaining rainforest, and the Amazon River is the life force of this amazing ecosystem.


Rising in the Peruvian Andes, it winds its way east over the northern half of South America until reaching the Atlantic Ocean. In fact, it carries the highest volume of water into the Atlantic than the earth’s top 10 largest rivers flowing into the ocean combined. Recent studies claim that the Amazon River is actually longer than the Nile by 65 miles; researchers at the National Geographic Society have determined the source point of the river to be at Mount Mismi in Arequipa (in southern Peru).

However, in the quest for Amazonia’s treasures–minerals, oil, animal skins, precious stones and metals, to name a few–biological diversity has become the victim. These “green treasures” are the wealth that hold great promises for Earth and mankind in the future. Delfin Amazon Cruises are dedicated to preserving the natural integrity of the jungle and its native inhabitants all while sharing and discovering its grandest allures.

The Divine Destination Collection has a deep desire to ensure that you experience the magic of the Amazon to its fullest. Each day we will have a variety of encounters and experiences planned that transform this journey into an intimate interaction with this awe-inspiring destination.

Naturalists will guide us on a jungle walk where you will see sloths, anacondas, kapok trees, frogs, flora & fauna as we explore the Pacaya Samiria Reserve.


At stops such as the Fundo Casual jungle trail and others, you will go deep into the rainforest on terra firma (non-flooded forest) where your guide will point out dynamic creatures and vegetation of the Amazon. A local assistant may also accompany you; these people are natives of the jungle and are able to bring you closer to different animals such as frogs, snakes, and insects.

The activity level of these walks is light; we provide rubber boots and rain ponchos in case of inclement weather.

Be sure to keep an attentive eye open for spotting surprises!


The Pacaya Samiria National Reserve is the 2nd largest national reserve in Peru, spanning more than 5 million acres.

Known also as the mirror forest, it is the largest protected flooded forest in the world, making it one of the prime intact swaths of jungle in the Peruvian Amazon.

During the rainy season in the Andes, water levels rise throughout all the rivers of Amazonia, flooding 85% of the reserve and making it only accessible by boat. Come the low water season, life regenerates in many fascinating ways, both flora and fauna, and the Pacaya Samiria become a place ideal for exploring!

Lunch is included and at leisure on the cruise. Rest, relax and restore over a delicious meal and glass of wine.

Afternoon skiff excursion deeper into the tributaries of the Pacaya Samiria Reserve. See the famous grey & pink fresh water dolphins and take in the myriad of bird life that abounds.


More than 1/3 of all species recorded in the world are found in the Amazon Basin, constituting the largest collection of living plant and animal species on Earth. As the largest tract of tropical rainforest in the Americas, the Amazonian rainforest boasts unparalleled biodiversity. 1 in 5 of all birds recorded live in this extraordinary habitat. It has been estimated that many hundreds of million species may yet to be discovered.

It also contains over 3,000 species of fresh water fish, the largest amount in one area in the world with some being very impressive. For example, the paiche (also known as arapaima) may attain a length of up to 16 feet! Finally, lively dolphins, both grey and the rare pink versions, are typically found in the Amazon’s tributaries and main rivers.


Most of us are familiar with the fun and playful blue bottlenose dolphin named Flipper, made famous by Hollywood productions, but less people know about Flipper’s rosy-coloured cousin, the pink river dolphin. This rare species is found in the freshwater rivers of the Amazon near Iquitos, Peru. Upholding the reputation of its salt water dwelling kin, the Amazon River dolphin is social, friendly and extremely intelligent, making it one of the highlights of a visit to the Amazon Basin. They also love the company of humans. When you visit the Amazon, don’t be afraid to go for a swim with these remarkable creatures. Make sure you bring your bathing suit and a waterproof camera. A snapshot of the pink river dolphin will definitely be one for the Amazon adventure scrapbook.


Bird watching enthusiasts will greatly enjoy the sheer number of diverse bird species. The Amazon is second to none when it comes to biodiversity, boasting over 1500 species of birds – that is 20% of the total number of species on the planet! The Pacaya Samiria is especially diverse having little human interference to disrupt the natural habitat.

The expeditions set out early in the morning on the skiffs in order to see the most impressive display of birds. Professional guides, accompany you and answer any questions you may have. The guides have grown up in the region and have deep knowledge of the wildlife. Whether you bring your camera or just your memory, the experience will surely not disappoint.

Dinner is at leisure in the dining room. Memorable goes hand in hand with the Delfin experience. Peruvian cuisine is considered one of the worlds’ finest and reflects the country’s intrinsic cultural diversity. Welcome to this gastronomic adventure where dedicated staff pride themselves on carefully preparing contemporary Creole plates and offer exceptional service for your ultimate indulgence.

The Amazon’s wild choices of fresh ingredients and the gentle blend of worldly immigrant traditions will enchant your taste buds. Handmade plate ware, locally made table decorations changing from meal to meal and instrumental music performed by the ship’s staff create the ambiance to make each meal an unforgettable experience.

As for beverages, a large variety and range of quality liquors, cocktails, local drinks, natural juices, and refreshments are included on board. Wine pairings include some of the best South American vintages.

Tonight the adventure continues as we have planned a special surprise for you after dinner….Mum’s the word now as we can’t give anything away!

Breakfast is included at leisure daily on the cruise.

Today we have the opportunity to kayak the Amazon. Lazily paddle close to the shore to see turtles, beautiful blue butterflies and perhaps a dolphin or two.


Delfin Amazon Cruises is proud to offer Native brand 16” River Kayaks to the Delfin II. These kayaks make for excellent opportunities to paddle smoothly and silently into small creeks, tributaries, and lagoons. They have been especially designed with durability and stability for fishing trips, meaning that in the calm waters of the Pacaya Samiria, you are able to gently row downstream.

New to Delphin II is their Spa treatment room, so when done with your expedition, why not pamper yourself with a massage.


Wellness and healing continues with the Spa services. Surrounded by the lush natural surroundings of the Amazon, we encourage you to dive into the philosophies of rainforest remedial philosophies and therapies. The wellness specialist is happy to accommodate your schedule at any time, and depending on your preference, you can rejuvenate in our spa room or find your zen in the comfort and privacy of your suite.

Lunch is included and is at leisure. Why not take a moment to visit the newly appointed presentation room which is equipped with a full set of media equipment and print materials so you can learn more about the wonderful Peruvian Amazon. During leisure moments, the lecture room may be enjoyed as a lounge, complete with air-conditioning, computers for picture sharing and handmade game tables.

Connection Encounter, this afternoon we will stop into a nearby village and meet with the villagers and see how they live. Despite the rural atmosphere, there are many pockets of civilization within the jungle. In addition to plants and animals, the Amazon Basin includes a diversity of traditional inhabitants. These people have lived in the rainforest for thousands of years and their lifestyles and customs are well adapted to this environment.


Experience an ideal combination while sailing with Delfin Amazon Cruises: natural wonders together with native cultural history.

Delfin has a pioneering approach with local communities which has led them to interact and develop close, caring relationships with the villagers who live within the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. Through various partnerships and humanitarian projects, Delfin and their travelers have helped these communities continue to develop and improve, promoting a balance between their needs and those of the wildlife with which they share habitat and ecosystems. Contrary to popular belief, their daily living does not significantly harm their home environment. Their work day is mostly occupied by subsistence activities such as fishing, small-scale agriculture, gathering and hunting. Their survival depends on their intimate relationship with their natural surroundings.

Dinner is at leisure in the dining room. On the deck, you will find that the Delfin II’s casual yet comfortable design will allow you to completely relax between the wonderful adventures of the morning and night activities. So we are sure you will enjoy relaxing in the open air lounge outfitted with big, soft sofas and chairs while you watch the river go by. The bartender will always be ready with a choice of international and local liquors for a pre- or post- dinner cocktail. Coffee and tea will always be available.

Breakfast is included at leisure daily on the cruise.

We have a surprise for you this morning.

We venture out to see the giant Victoria Amazonia Waterlilies as well as follow a troupe of monkeys along the shoreline.

Lunch is included at leisure on the cruise.

We will head out on a late afternoon excursion to go Piranha fishing and hope we spot a few caiman at dusk. In the interest of preserving our environment it is strictly “catch and release’!


In the depths of the Amazon jungle, deep inside lagoons and creeks, pursue the fierce fishes of the Peruvian Amazon while enjoying the comfort, security, and style of a Delfin Amazon Cruises experience. Encounter the mighty peacock bass, gigantic awe-inspiring Amazon catfish, and other exotic sporting species!

Just imagine yourself coming back from the wilderness to enjoy an ambiance created by glowing candlelight, sparkling china and crystal ware. Tonight we celebrate the essence of our experience with a Farewell BBQ dinner in the dining room.

Have one more famous pisco sour before retiring and reflecting. This has been an experience unlike no other.

You have explored the Amazon, you have relaxed in luxury and you and your destination have been transformed.

Breakfast is included at leisure daily on the cruise.

Up Close and Personal experience in the community of Puerto Miguel, visit the local school house and shop at their amazing craft market. The Divine Destination Collection has elected to partner with Delfin and have agreed to champion an initiative to bring much needed items to these villages. We’ll say more about that later….


Delfin works in many ways to help the local communities – through charitable support and bringing new business to the area, we hope that we can raise living standards for local families.

Also, in particular, they collaborate with the women and children of the small community Puerto Miguel, found on the river banks of the Yarapa and Ucayali Rivers, through support for their beautiful handmade crafts.

These communities are all quite self-sustained in many ways, having learned many generations ago how to survive and succeed in the harsh but rich jungle. Still, the people often lack other resources and infrastructures. Through visits to these towns with Delfin travellers, there is a large degree of cultural interaction, exchange, and education for the townspeople as well as Delfin guests.

Not to mention, during various times of the year, Delfin Amazon Cruises gives back to these Amazonian communities by offering donations and organizing public works projects. For example, at Christmas time they donate clothing, school supplies, basic medical supplies, and delicious treats. Other times in the year, they have helped repaint homes in vibrant colours in order to better the aesthetics of the lovely streets, and to increase pride as citizens of these communities.

With heavy hearts, the Delfin II staff will wish you farewell as we depart. At the port of Nauta, The Divine Destination Collection ground crew will be waiting to take you by our private vehicle back to the city of Iquitos, about 95 kilometers journey by paved road.

On our way from Nauta back to Iquitos airport, we will visit the Rescue & Rehabilitation Center of River Mammals (ACOBIA) where you will have the chance to meet baby manatees and learn about these wonderful and docile creatures and why they are on the endangered species list. You will also have the chance to pet and feed these kind manatees.

From here it’s on to Iquitos for our flight to Lima.

Arrival in Lima, for connecting flights home. For those with late night departures, you will have the opportunity to book day rooms at the Wyndham Airport hotel to rest and relax in the afternoon. In the evening, we will transfer to the Café Del Museo in the Larco Museum for our Encore Event!….A delicious 3 course dinner in the courtyard restaurant. The Museo Larco Café Restaurant offers an enchanting ambiance where one can savour the best of Peruvian and International cuisine. It showcases the flavours, products and customs of the country, giving it a character which reflects the vibrancy of modern Peru.

As guests of The Divine Destination Collection you will have an opportunity to stroll through the museum either before or after dinner to take in one of the most captivating narrative accounts of more than 5000 years of Pre-Columbian Peruvian History. The Larco Museum is housed in an 18th century viceroyalty-era mansion. Surrounded by beautiful gardens, the Larco Museum is a stimulating and inspiring space ..a fitting location to end an inspiring experience in Peru!

From the museum we will transfer to Lima airport for flights home.

Vibrant, vital, dynamic, evocative, provocative, interactive, and intimate…. this is your Peruvian adventure with Machu Picchu and the Mystical Inca Trail combined with Take me to the River… the Amazing Amazon.

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