We’re ready to welcome you on a new kind of journey

We’re ready to welcome you on a new kind of journey

We’re ready to welcome you on a new kind of journey

While COVID-19 has forced us all to change our travel plans – it has not deterred The Divine Destination Collection from searching out and curating an incredibly unique array of adventures for you to experience this year.

Imagine travelling the globe to meet fascinating people, take in the beauty of nature, and enjoy unexpected delights without worrying about face masks, quarantines, and social distancing. You’ll be able to experience all that – along with the impeccable combination of comfort, adventure and spirituality that you have come to expect from The Divine Destination Collection.

“We have always been interested in the personal journey we take while we visit another part of the world,” says The Divine Destination Collection co-founder Allison Frame. “Learning about ourselves as we explore other cultures, traditions, and beliefs has always been at the centre of all of our trips – so while we can’t physically transport ourselves to a new setting, we have found a way to enjoy a fantastic virtual experience that captures those same profound moments of personal discovery.”

Welcome to Divine Live and Online – a series of live, up-close and personal encounters that will inspire and transform you as you visit some of the most remote and exotic locales on earth.

Just imagine the awe of seeing whales frolic in the ocean by one of the largest coastal rainforests in the world, learning about the life-changing power of Spain’s El Camino from a modern-day pilgrim, visiting South Africa for an exclusive conversation with a personal aide and friend to Nelson Mandela, or meeting up with some friendly gorillas in Uganda.

Those are just a few of the adventures that await you on Divine Live and Online.

Conscious Conversation Call

The evolution to Divine Live and Online

This curated virtual travel series is the natural evolution from The Conscious Conversation Collection! The Divine Destination Collection community came together this spring through a series of Zoom calls to discuss what was happening in the world, learn how meditation and breathing exercises can help reduce anxiety, and travel to Hunkapi Farms in Arizona to meet an extraordinary horse named Alfie and explore the healing nature of horses.

In fact, that virtual trip to Arizona, called Horseplay with Heart was so successful that Allison and The Divine Destination Collection co-founder Deb Niven realized that they could use the magic of Zoom to take participants on live adventures around the world.

A Brave New World

A brave new world awaits

“A brave new world requires a brave new offering – so we opened up our minds to new possibilities and created a series of six once-in-a-lifetime adventures that will transport participants to places most people will never have the chance to visit, and take part in some incredible experiences,” says Allison. “Make no mistake, this is no ordinary Zoom call. Each adventure is hosted by a local expert who shares inside knowledge and personal stories with us for a truly interactive and exclusive experience.”

And since The Divine Destination Collection has always been committed to leaving a place better for having been there – a donation will be made to the host’s favourite charitable organization at each destination.

Created as a subscription service, you can choose from either one, four, or six Divine Live and Online adventures. Affordable and unique, it is just $269.00 CDN + HST for all six experiences, $199.00 CDN + HST for any four, or $59.00 CDN + HST per single experience. To make the deal even sweeter, if you refer a friend who signs up for a subscription – you will receive 10% off your next subscription!

And don’t worry, each call is recorded, so if you have subscribed and are unavailable for the live call, it will be available to you for private viewing at your leisure.

Zelda & Mandela

First stop – South Africa

Divine Live and Online kicks off on June 30 with a journey to South Africa entitled Be the Change You Want to See in the World – where we will have a private audience with Zelda la Grange, founding staff member of the Presidential Office of Nelson Mandela.

Zelda will share life-changing experiences and personal anecdotes from working by Mandela’s side for almost 20 years. Now, more than ever, we can all benefit from the resilience and approach to life that made Nelson Mandela one of the most admired leaders and humanitarians of our time.

Perfect Group Cathedral Shot - Camino, Spain

Travel the El Camino

In July we will venture back to the Camino in Spain, where several Divine Destination Collection travellers visited in 2019. Called Pilgrimages & Vintages – we will combine wine and walking as we talk to Sue Kenney, who has been walking the Camino for over 16 years and will share how the Camino can change your life, with a discussion of the many fabulous wines from the region with Jessica Chaikowsky, wine scholar and owner of the Wine Agency Gusto Grapes, who will of course also provide some great suggestions for a few Spanish wines to sip on during the call!

Zelda & Mandela

A healing forest walk

In August we return to Canada for Finding Nimmo! an exclusive wilderness experience at Nimmo Bay, located beside British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest.

Our expert wilderness guide will take us along on a boat ride to explore this amazing part of the Pacific coast for some whale watching and an up-close exploration of the abundant plant and animal life in the area. We’ll then experience the healing benefits of the rainforest with a mindful and nurturing guided meditation.

Zelda & Mandela

The power of nature

In September we will meet up with a fascinating wildlife and literacy activist who will share how the mystic and the natural world are intertwined in Into the Mystic… 40 Days & 40 Nights in the South African Bush with Boyd Varty.

Boyd Varty, who realized a lifelong dream this April as he went into the African wilderness alone for 40 days and 40 nights, will help us explore the dynamics of solitude and what it means to be wild. His insights are particularly timely as the world goes into a collective time of reflection during the global shutdown due to the pandemic. We’ll discuss how our relationship with nature must evolve, and how we need to think deeply about the way we live.

Perfect Group Cathedral Shot - Camino, Spain

The wild worlds of gorillas

In October we travel to Uganda for a private gorilla trek called These Gorillas Just Can’t Be Mist!

Uganda is one of the best locations in the world to view these endangered animals. We will journey high in the hills near the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest where gorillas are fiercely protected and access is limited to preserve the habitat of these amazing animals.

Churchill Polar Bears

The Great White North, Eh!

Finally, in November we take our last Divine Live and Online trip of the year to Churchill, Manitoba, where we will be invited to board a custom-built Arctic Crawler™ to visit polar bears, Arctic fox, Arctic hare, and the camouflaged ptarmigan, as well as see beluga whales in Hudson Bay and the Churchill River. Join Lions and Tigers and Bears… Oh My! for a front row seat with Lazy Bear Expeditions to see these amazing animals in their own habitat, along with interactive commentary from a wildlife expert.

Remember you, can sign up for all six adventures, or select four, or one. Click to learn more and register for Divine Live and Online.

The Divine Destination Collection looks forward to welcoming you to explore the world in an exciting new way!

Unique travel experiences... where luxury, adventure and spirituality meet!



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A magical journey to Arizona for Horseplay with Heart

A magical journey to Arizona for Horseplay with Heart


On May 6, about 25 people took a virtual journey to Scottsdale, Arizona with The Conscious Conversation Collection to visit Hunkapi Farms for a unique adventure involving the healing power of horses, how to handle our emotions, and a Vietnamese Pot-bellied pig named Patrick.

Called Horseplay with Heart, this was the third Conscious Conversation Collection call created by The Divine Destination Collection co-founders Deb Niven and Allison Frame, and the first to take participants on a real-time adventure outside their living rooms.

“We had visited Hunkapi Farms on our 2013 trip to Arizona. It’s an amazing 10-acre non-profit farm that explores how the bond we form with horses can help us understand our behaviours, get in touch with ourselves, and create positive growth,” says Allison.

“Unfortunately we can’t physically visit Hunkapi right now, so we thought the next best thing would be to create a live Zoom event where we could interact directly with executive director Terra Schaad and go on a guided journey through the farm.” 

Hunkapi Farms’ roots go back to Arizona State University research that found horseback riding had a positive effect on children with attention deficit disorder and autism. This led to the development of a therapeutic riding program and the creation of an independent nonprofit organization called Hunkapi, the Lakota word for “we are all related.”

Since then, Hunkapi Farms has expanded to include innovative horse programs to help adults and children deal with everything from emotional regulation to post traumatic stress disorder – as well as fun experiences where everyone can benefit from interacting with horses.

TCCC Terra of Hunkapi Farms


Even though Arizona was in the middle of a heat wave with temperatures soaring above 100 degrees Fahrenheit – Terra was waiting for the group at the entrance to Hunkapi Farms when the Zoom call started. She started the tour by introducing us to a few of the 30 chickens that live near the entrance to the farm.

“They really have a nice way of regulating people,” explained Terra. “Automatically what happens to your body is that you lower down and your hands begin to soften. Even children have this awareness of needing to hold something gently.

“Especially if they are coming in with a lot of anger or dysregulation or impulsivity – we put them in here with the chickens so they can learn to soften their hands – and they do it without us having to tell them.”

The chickens, like most of the animals on the farm, are rescue animals, including Patrick, a 200-lb Vietnamese Pot-bellied pig, who has the run of the property when he’s not lazing around in his bed.

There is also an orchard, and the farm is filled with herbs and flowers, including Plumeria from Hawaii, where Terra was born.

As the group toured the farm, Terra explained how all the farm buildings have been renovated and repaired with repurposed items for sustainability purposes and also to preserve the integrity of the original buildings.

TCCC Hunkapi Farms Horse
TCCC Hunkapi Farms Pot bellied pig


The showcase of the farm is the new horse arena, where Alfie, a tall, 24-year-old Swiss Warmblood and retired Grand Prix Jumper from Encinitas, California was waiting.

From their front row seats the group was able to get up close and personal with Alfie, and then watch as Terra led Bev, one of Hunkapi’s volunteers, through an exercise to bond with Alfie and recognize her as his leader.

Using a tool called a Carrot Stick, Bev hit the ground lightly but with as much intensity as needed to get Alfie’s attention and lead him around the arena. At first Alfie didn’t pay attention, but after Bev relaxed her body he let out a big exhale and started to follow her, even changing his direction when prompted.

Horses pay close attention to body language, Terra explained, so Bev needed to get rid of the barriers that were preventing Alfie from bonding with her. That meant relaxing, being in the moment, and trusting herself.

The horse can actually be a metaphor for whatever you are searching for in your life, said Terra. By opening your heart, and understanding how you are reacting, you can remove barriers that stand in your way.

TCCC Visit to BC
TCCC BC rainforest
TCCC Northern Lights in Nunavut


“Our trip to Hunkapi Farms not only took us to Arizona in real-time, we had the chance to gain greater clarity into what is going on inside of ourselves – which is one of the aims of The Conscious Conversation Collection,” says Allison.

Based on the overwhelming response to the Horseplay with Heart trip, plans are currently underway to transform The Conscious Conversation Collection into a year-round subscription service full of enlightening journeys that inform, entertain, and inspire.

On May 20, the Divine-by-Design Travel Advisory Board held their own Conscious Conversation to discuss some of the virtual trips under consideration, such as a visit to B.C.’s Great Bear Rainforest that would feature video footage of bears and orcas in their natural environments, along with a virtual forest bathing experience.

Other Canadian trips could include special access to a secluded area of Algonquin Park to walk with a naturalist, learning from First Nations Elders in Muskoka, seeing the totem poles in Haida Gwaii, viewing the Northern Lights in Nunavik, visiting a biosphere reserve for monarch butterflies, and kayaking up to icebergs off the coast of Newfoundland.

Venturing further abroad, there is the possibility of hosting a virtual Spanish wine tasting with Sue Kenney, Camino Pilgrim, Coach, author and guide for the Divine Destination Collection trip to El Camino last year. Sue will offer life lessons from the many times she has walked the Camino, including some barefoot, as the participants sip on specially curated Spanish wines.

And to celebrate an upcoming Divine Destination Collection trip to South Africa once travelling is safe again, future virtual events could include a live jam session from local musicians’ living rooms, a cocktail party with the iconic Table Mountain in the background, a pre-recorded safari and live interaction with rangers, live Victoria Falls experience from the air and from the edge at Devil’s Pool, and a chat with Nelson Mandela’s former personal assistant.

“We want to make sure we continue to connect to our community and provide extraordinary experiences that bring comfort, adventure, and spirituality into our homes until we can travel again,” says Allison.

Interested in being part of The Conscious Conversation Collection? Click here. To view past conversations please visit The Conscious Conversation Collection page.

Unique travel experiences... where luxury, adventure and spirituality meet!



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Staying connected until we can meet again

Staying connected until we can meet again


The Divine Destination Collection has always been committed to a unique vision – to create journeys that combine adventure and comfort with an exploration of the spirituality of different cultures, landscapes, and ways of life.

But in these days of physical distancing and self-isolation, the journey we are taking has moved inward.

“We realized The Divine Destination Collection could curate a new type of journey. One where we can give people the tools, guidance, and inspiration to look inside themselves to find a personal sense of peace and strength to deal with these uncertain times,” says Allison Frame, co-founder of The Divine Destination Collection.

“By bringing our community of like-minded travellers together through a journey of connection, conversation, and guidance, we could all gain greater clarity on what is going on inside of ourselves, allay some of the fear we are feeling, and enable us to move forward in stillness and calm.”


On April 1, armed with their beverage of choice, past Divine Destination Collection travellers joined a Zoom call to share their feelings about what was going on in the world, and to discuss how to make The Divine Destination Collection travel experience even more meaningful in the future.

“It was an opportunity to bring comfort, adventure and spirituality together, just as we do on our trips around the world, except this time people joined in on a virtual journey from the comfort of their home,” says Allison.

Katherine Pisana and Susan Phillips of Conversations with Spirit were invited to help put meaning and context from a spiritual perspective around the emotions the group was feeling. They also led the group through some calming meditation and breathing exercises to centre themselves and help reduce any anxiety they might be feeling.

“Many of us stuff our emotions in our toes,” says Allison. “Katherine and Susan helped us talk about what we were feeling without fear of judgment. There was also a great sense of connection – that we are not alone in trying to navigate through these challenging times.”

When Allison followed up with other participants, it turned out they felt the same way. They liked the idea of connecting every two weeks to find new ways to explore their feelings, deal with the current pandemic situation, as well as talk about future travel adventures.  We also asked participants to brainstorm on what would be most important to them when considering travel “post-pandemic”.  The following is their wish list:  Peace, Rejuvenation, Expansion, Safety, Small Groups, Shared Community, Healing, Harmony with Nature, Simplicity, Joy and Discovery (personal, destination & nature).

And so, The Conscious Conversation Collection was launched on April 15th with a second conversation, entitled The Courage to Journey Within, to continue discussing the thoughts, fears, and anxieties people are experiencing – and how to manage those feelings in order to move forward.


Allison and The Divine Destination Collection co-founder Deb Niven are currently on the lookout for interesting topics, guests, and activities so each Conscious Conversation will be an enlightening journey that can inform, entertain, and inspire.

“One idea I’m particularly excited about is the possibility of inviting a First Nations Elder  to share their wisdom and healing practices. This would dovetail nicely with a possible Divine Destination Collection trip within Canada, if we are able to travel by mid-October,” says Allison.

“I don’t think anyone will be wanting to hop on a plane too soon, and we want to support the Canadian economy, so we thought a three or four night trip to a beautiful part of Canada during the spectacular fall foliage season would be a great way to start travelling again.”

“This crisis has forced us all to go inside and really take stock of who we are and how we have been operating as a species in relation to our world,” says Allison. “I believe that travel is crucial to our understanding of the world, but it will certainly change in nature.

“My hope is that we will become more mindful, and use travel as an opportunity for truly meaningful connections with other cultures. The Canadian trip is an great example of how we can explore First Nations spirituality and wisdom to gain a better understanding of the natural world, and achieve greater compassion for humanity and our humanness.”


Whether or not a trip will be possible this year, Allison says they are committed to developing interesting and healing journeys through The Conscious Conversation Collection, and eventually hope to offer it as a subscription service. 

“Anyone would be able to subscribe – which would open up the window to people who haven’t travelled with us before,” says Allison. “We would still explore aspects of spirituality to help people through these difficult times, but we would also focus on travel. Guest speakers could guide the group through past and future Divine Destination Collection trips, and we could offer some related virtual experiences, such as wine tastings and cooking demonstrations of regional specialties.

“Since our June trip to the Sacred South of France: The Mystery of Mary Magdalene has been postponed, we were thinking of inviting the experts we have been working with to talk about the legend of Mary Magdalene, who was believed to have travelled to the South of France after the crucifixion. It’s a fascinating story. And as we still hope to travel to South Africa in 2021, we could invite a specialist to talk about the incredible wildlife or culture of the country.”

If travel is still not an option into 2021, Allison says they may explore the ability to offer virtual travel experiences. Just imagine feeling as if you are right beside a “tower” of giraffes on an African savanna, or sipping on a rosé as you look out over a beautiful vineyard in the South of France.


Regardless of what the immediate future may hold, The Divine Destination Collection will continue searching out exciting ways to take meaningful journeys from the comfort of your home, and help you deepen your connection with your true nature, as well as the world around you.

“The greatest adventures with the deepest pay offs are born out of great challenge and adversity,” says Allison. “Let’s do this journey together.”  

To learn more about the next Conscious Conversation, please sign up for our newsletter  or email us.

Unique travel experiences... where luxury, adventure and spirituality meet!



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Keeping balanced during difficult times

Keeping balanced during difficult times



Whether you are in self-isolation because you have been travelling abroad, or practicing “social distancing” – we are all feeling anxious, stressed, and somewhat fearful due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Fortunately, public health experts have outlined what to do to keep ourselves safe and help stop the spread of the virus.

We need to wash our hands often (using soap and water for at least 20 seconds), cough and sneeze into our elbows, and avoid touching our eyes, nose, and mouth – which has proven to be harder than most of us thought.

We have also been told to avoid non-essential travel and gatherings, and keep a distance of two metres (6 ft) away from other people.

“But along with your physical health, it’s also important to take care of your mind and spirit during these uncertain times,” says Allison Frame, co-founder of Divine Destination Collection.


It turns out the more you stress, the more you decrease the functioning of your immune system. That means you will be more susceptible to all viruses.

Harvard Medical School says that yoga, meditation, and controlled breathing are proven ways to relax during stressful situations like the current COVID-19 outbreak. In fact, if you’ve always wanted to try yoga, maybe now is the time to give it a try. Harvard also says that trying new activities can be a welcome, healthy distraction, and many yoga studios are offering free online classes.

This could also be the time to read that book you’ve never had the time to pick up before. Many public libraries offer online books, and there are many other free online resources, such as Open Culture, as well as free online learning courses.

To help people stimulate their minds while in isolation, several famous cultural institutions are offering free online art and entertainment. For example, New York’s Metropolitan Opera is streaming live performances, and you can even take a 360 degree virtual tour of a US national park without leaving your couch.


Besides giving us online access to books, art, and information – technology is keeping us connected and making our forced isolation more bearable.

“Technology has helped bring our humanness back,” says Allison. “We are reaching out and checking in on each other. I know I’ve been more in touch with my family and friends than when I could go out and see them.”

Even without technology, people are finding innovative ways to connect while keeping a distance, such as the now famous video of Italians singing together from their individual balconies shows.

And since we can’t go outside, this is a golden opportunity to look inside, and connect with ourselves.

“We have the time to look at how we have been living our lives, and examine what is important to us,” says Allison. “Instead of looking outward for validation and trying to keep up with others, it’s a chance to flex our spiritual muscle and get back to the basics of what makes up a good life.”


While travel is an important part of many people’s lives – especially the people who have gone on adventures with the Divine Destination Collection – it is not safe to travel out of your country right now.

Besides the possibility of contracting COVID-19, many countries have put travel and border restrictions in place. Airlines are cancelling flights and suspending service, and new restrictions are being imposed with little warning. As a result, there is a real chance you could become stranded and unable to come home.

“This is a very fluid, ever changing travel environment,” says Allison. “It may be best to contact your airline or tour operator to find out your options for cancelling or postponing your trip. Many airlines and hotels have revised their change and cancellation policies to make it easier for customers to alter their plans and resume travel when this crisis has passed.”

If there is a bright spot, it could be the fact that some of the world’s most beautiful travel destinations are getting a break from tourists and having the chance to rejuvenate.

It has even been reported that the usually crowed canals of Venice are now clear enough to see fish and dolphins!

“After this crisis passes, and we are able to travel again, I hope we will learn from what has happened, and appreciate the opportunity to visit other countries, cultures, and people – and do a better job of taking care of each other, and our world,” says Allison.


These are uncertain times, so it is especially important to get your information about the evolving COVID-19 situation from reliable sources.

You can look to the World Health Organization for accurate information on the global situation and the latest, most effective health precautions. Their website is continually updated to provide protective measures based on new scientific findings as the epidemic evolves. It also includes an informative section on myth-busters, such as the fact that cold weather and snow cannot kill COVID-19, and the latest flu vaccination does not protect you against the virus.

To learn more about what the COVID-19 virus is, how it works, and how important it is to do the right things so you don’t get the virus and pass it on to others – take a look at this video featuring Dr. Peter Lin, a family physician from Toronto.

“Get your information from trusted sources, keep washing your hands, don’t touch your face, avoid gatherings – and remember to look out for each other,” says Allison.

“Reach out to friends and family, check in, and have a truly fun and meaningful conversation with them. If you know a senior, or someone with a medical condition that prevents them from being able to go out for groceries, buy a few extra items and leave it at their door. By showing kindness and consideration, and helping each other out, not only will we get through this, but we will have the ability and opportunity to change the trajectory of where our world is going, and change the way we live in it going forward.”

Unique travel experiences... where luxury, adventure and spirituality meet!



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Escape the cold and snow with a trip to Mexico’s beautiful Mayan Riviera

Escape the cold and snow with a trip to Mexico’s beautiful Mayan Riviera


The Divine Destination Collection has just the remedy to beat the winter blues – a meticulously curated trip to the Yucatan Peninsula that will warm both your body and soul!

With a minimum of 15 friends and family, you can book a six-day private group trip that mixes lounging on pristine, white sandy beaches with jungle excursions, historical outings, and the best of Mexican cuisine – while enjoying the comfort and luxury The Divine Destination Collection is known for.

To make this adventure even more special – you’ll have the unique opportunity to visit a Mayan community to experience ancient traditions and spiritual ceremonies. A highly sophisticated civilization that thrived in both Mexico and Central America from 1800 B.C. to 900 A.D., the Maya are credited with developing astronomy, calendars, and hieroglyphic writing. They are also known for building elaborate pyramids, temples and palaces – all without metal tools.


The journey begins with a Welcome Beach BBQ and mescal tasting at the spectacular Belmond Maroma Resort and Spa, your home for the first three days.

This luxury resort is located on the jungle-lush coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, and is close to some of Mexico’s most famous historical sites, such as the El Castillo Pyramid at Chichén Itzá, as well as the local food and folk art markets and vibrant nightlife of Playa del Carmen.

The hotel spa is famous for its healing Mayan rituals and was built to align with the stars to create a positive energy flow. Many of the exclusive spa treatments use local ingredients, such as chocolate, honey, and Mayan herbs.


While at the Belmond Maroma, you’ll have the chance to take part in some spelunking, and explore the mysterious underwater caves of Rio Secreto, the Secret River, a natural underground river that was only discovered in 2007.

You’ll also feast on outstanding Mexican cuisine throughout your stay, including a private garden courtyard meal at the Aldea Corazon Restaurant. Even though the restaurant is in the heart of the bustling resort town of Playa Del Carmen, the tree-filled courtyard will make you feel like you are dining out in the jungle.


You’ll venture into the actual jungle with a visit to a local Mayan village to take part in an authentic Mayan ceremonial evening. 

A local Shaman will show your group how to purify and renew the mind, body, and spirit in a Temazcal, or sweat lodge, and you can also take a cleansing swim in a cenote, a natural sinkhole or pit created by a collapsed cave ceiling and full of clear, fresh water. Since cenotes were the only source of water in the jungle, the Mayan people considered them sacred.

This special evening finishes off with a delicious traditional Mayan meal prepared by the local villagers.


Next stop on the itinerary is the incredible Banyan Tree Mayakoba, an AAA Five Diamond luxury beach resort also on the coast of the Mayan Riviera. Thanks to a carefully maintained ecosystem that includes freshwater lagoons and mangroves, natural dunes, and intricate coral reefs, the resort is full of native fish and bird species.

After learning about Mayan traditions, culture, and archaeology at a special breakfast presentation, our expert guest speakers will take your group on a private tour of Tulum, an UNESCO World Heritage site known for its ancient Mayan ruins. 

Lunch is at the celebrated Oscar & Lalo Restaurant, which has a beautiful tropical jungle garden, fresh seafood, and authentic Mexican and Yucatecan cuisine. You’ll also be treated to a personal Mayan horoscope reading before hopping aboard a boat to cruise the waterways while enjoying cocktails and canapés.  


Besides lots of free time to explore the beautiful Banyan Tree Mayakoba grounds and beach, you’ll get the chance to learn how to make some of the resort’s delicious Mexican treats at a fun, pop up “Make It Mayan” Cocktail Party. Tucked into a private tropical nook, you’ll find out how to make their divine guacamole, zesty pico de gallo salsa, and fabulous margaritas.

The Mayan Mystery journey culminates in grand style with an exclusive dinner in your very own 10,000-year-old cave surrounded by living stalactites and stalagmites. How’s that for a memorable finish to a fantastic trip!

Mexico: Mayan Mystery Revealed is a great way to bring a group of people together to celebrate a milestone anniversary, a special birthday or a customized retreat. If you are travelling alone or in a smaller group, The Divine Destination Collection plans to offer this trip again in the future.

In the meantime, if history fascinates you, learn about The Divine Destination Collection’s upcoming trip to the Sacred South of France, the Mystery of Mary Magdalene. There are still a few spots left, so click here to learn more.

To find out more about group trips to Mexico, check out The Divine Destination Collection’s Mexico trip page and contact us at info@divinedestinationcollection.com or by phone 647-918-0113 if you have any questions.

Unique travel experiences... where luxury, adventure and spirituality meet!



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