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Become a Divine Destination Collection Influencer and receive a reward for every person you refer to us who books a trip. You’ll receive 5% of the cost of their trip, or even an all-expense paid trip (excluding airfare) by referring groups of 12 or more.

It’s our way of saying thanks for being a fan and for introducing us to your network of like-minded traveller friends and relatives. Since we offer a highly specialized, exclusive travel adventure, word of mouth from our fans is the best way to get the word out about what we offer.

All you need to do is let your friends, family, and colleagues know their dream travel experience awaits. We take care of all the arrangements, plus offer an exciting itinerary that they will find nowhere else. Our goal is to surpass their expectations for luxury and comfort while giving them the opportunity to immerse themselves in the magic and wonder that comes from exploring the spirituality of different cultures, landscapes, and ways of life.

If you are joining us on an upcoming trip to El Camino, Spain or Scotland, why not invite some special people to join you, or let them know about the other fascinating adventures we offer, such Bali and Peru.

It’s easy to take advantage of these amazing rewards!

As an Influencer, we’ll keep you informed about all our latest adventures through our monthly newsletter. Share this information with others you know will appreciate these one-of-a-kind trips and direct them to this special page to learn more about us. Make sure they add your name as the referral, and if they decide to sign up for an upcoming adventure you receive 5% of the value of the per person trip cost (before airfare and HST taxes), paid in full to you personally upon completion of their trip. This applies for each individual person booked and travelled. Your reward can be paid out in cash or banked for use on future Divine Destination Collection trips.

Introduce a group of 12 or more people to the Divine Destination Collection, and if they book a group trip you receive a complimentary trip on us, airfare excluded!

A group trip is a great idea for a college reunion, milestone anniversary, or any other important celebration. It’s also a wonderful way to get friends together who love to travel.

If you would like to organize a cocktail party or other event to introduce a trip to your group, let us know. We can supply you with brochures and a video presentation. If it is feasible, Divine Destination Collection co-founders Deb Niven and Allison Frame can also attend to give a customized presentation and answer questions.

Get started now

Simply share this page with interested travellers to invite them to learn more about us. Make sure they add your name as the referral, and if they end up booking a trip you receive your Influencer reward.

If you have any questions about becoming an Influencer, please email Allison at Allison@divinedestinationcollection. And make sure you keep visiting our website to learn more about our upcoming adventures.

Remember – if you know anyone you think would love to travel with us, simply share this page with them so they can learn more about us. If they book a trip, you’ll earn 5% of the cost of their trip, or an expense-paid trip (airfare excluded) for groups of 12 or more.

Here’s to building a community of like-minded travellers!

Unique travel experiences... where luxury, adventure and spirituality meet!



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What does spirituality have to do with it?

What does spirituality have to do with it?

What does spirituality have to do with it?

To some people the idea of traveling in luxury while taking a spiritual journey seems mutually exclusive.

The path to enlightenment must involve hardship or discomfort – like traveling to an ashram, sleeping on a mat, and eating bad food.

Allison Frame and Deb Niven disagree. Their careers in the incentive travel and meetings business have given them a taste for luxury travel. But both are also seekers – open to exploring new ways of connecting with themselves and the world around them.

Why couldn’t they mix both luxury and spiritually in an exciting travel adventure?

“We had reached the stage in our life where we and/or our friends had achieved all those things society says we are ‘supposed to have’ – marriage, children, a satisfying job, a house, a car, etc. Yet for some there was still something missing,” says Allison.

So they decided to create a safe, comfortable way for people to stick their toe into a new type of journey – one that would take them around the world, but also offer the opportunity to explore the spirituality of different cultures, landscapes, and ways of life.

But it would be a journey that could still involve a heavenly bed and really great food!

What is a spiritual journey?

Allison admits spirituality can be a loaded word. And it can mean something totally different to each person.

To some it is the exploration of higher powers, such as partaking in a shaman ceremony in Peru. To others it is experiencing the mystery of nature while foraging for mushrooms in a forest replete with beautiful fall foliage. And to others it can be more introspective – perhaps sitting by the fire in Muskoka and immersing themselves in a good book.

“It’s whatever touches you. Whatever gives you a sense of peace,” Allison explains. “It could be reconnecting with yourself, or your partner. Or connecting with new people or a new culture. It’s about breaking down barriers.”

Because spirituality is so personal, none of the spiritual activities are mandatory when you take a trip with The Divine Destination Collection.

You decide whether to take part or not – and there is always an alternative experience awaiting. For example, on a recent trip to Arizona, guests were given the option to take part in a horse whispering experience. The opportunity to interact and connect with these majestic horses, was a revelatory experience to some – while others opted for a different type of revelatory experience – one that dazzled their taste buds as they took on a food tour of Old Scottsdale.

In fact, even when visiting an ancient site, such as Tulum in Mexico, guests have the choice of taking a historical tour, or they can explore the site with a guide who can explain the spiritual significance.

Life-changing experiences

Over the last few years The Divine Destination Collection has taken guests on a variety of spiritual adventures.

They have watched a sacred Hindu ceremony in a temple in Bali, visited “thin places” in Ireland where the veil between this world and the eternal world is thin, and cleansed their bodies and souls in a traditional “temazcal” sweat lodge in Mexico.

For Allison, one of the most profound spiritual connections was when The Divine Destination Collection travelled to South Africa – the cradle of civilization. “At first I couldn’t understand why I was so emotional,” she says. “Then I realized, this is where we all come from.”

Seeing wild animals in their natural habitat also had a huge impact on Allison. She still remembers what it felt like to be surrounded by a herd of elephants as the huge animals walked right up to the jeep and began exploring with their trunks.

“Africa changes who you are.”

Where to next?

The Divine Destination Collection’s next trip, to walk the Camino in northern Spain, will involve a different sort of spiritual adventure.

This six-day walking mediation will be a personal journey to challenge oneself and reflect on how the Camino is a lot like life – it can be beautiful and joyous when you are walking by beautiful fields of yellow or quaint villages, and then can turn grueling as you make your way uphill in the pouring rain.

“It will push you on an emotional level,” says Allison. “There is no avoiding yourself on a six-day walk.”

Next fall’s trip to Scotland will be full of ancient religious sites, both Christian and pagan. On a recent visit both Deb and Allison felt the power of several energy vortexes – areas of high-energy concentration. “It really gave us a sense of place – and where we fit in,” says Allison.

Want to learn more?

For some great bedtime reading, Allison and Deb recommend Sacred Places of a Lifetime: 500 of the World’s Most Peaceful and Powerful Destinations, by National Geographic as well as Sacred Earth: Places of Peace and Power, by Martin Gray.

They also follow Tiny Buddha, Jeff Brown (SoulShaping), World Economic Forum, and Panache Desai (to name a few) on social media to explore more aspects of spirituality.

“Travel transforms the traveller” says Allison. “Travel helps you become more open, more curious, more tolerant, more inspired, it gives you the opportunity to truly see that we really are all the same. All in all, I believe that travel makes you a better you.”

“And if you feel something is missing, take a leap. Give spirituality a try. It’s about stepping out of your comfort zone, opening your heart and feeling gratitude.”

Unique travel experiences... where luxury, adventure and spirituality meet!



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Take the Royal Mile to Scotland

Take the Royal Mile to Scotland

Next October The Divine Destination Collection will be travelling to the land of haggis, stone circles, bagpipes, and whisky… lots of whisky.

Full of royal intrigue – after all, it was in Edinburgh’s Holyrood Palace where David Rizzio, the supposed lover of Mary Queen of Scots, was stabbed to death right before her eyes – and grand, sweeping scenery that changes from almost moonscape starkness to mist-covered highlands, craggy coastlines, majestic snow-capped mountain ranges, and deep, beautiful lochs (that may or may not be inhabited by otherworldly creatures), Scotland is the perfect mix of the ancient and the modern.

This fall, The Divine Destination Collection’s co-founders Deb Niven and Allison Frame visited Scotland to check out three important aspects of this upcoming journey – the spirituality, the luxury, and of course, the adventure.


Scotland is believed to be one of the oldest sites of Christianity in Western Europe, so Deb and Allison travelled to where it all started – Iona Abbey on the Isle of Iona, close to the Isle of Mull on the west coast of Scotland. Home to the 9th century St. Martin’s Cross, you can imagine the monks of St. Columba going about their religious duties (as well as fending off the occasional Viking incursion) as ocean waves crash along the shore, and the wind howls through the haunting halls of the abbey.

But while most people think of Scotland as a predominately Christian culture, with the majority of Scots belonging to the Presbyterian Church of Scotland or the Roman Catholic Church, evidence of pre-Christian cultures such as Celtic Paganism can still be found – like the mysterious circles of various-shaped stones, organized in rings, in various locations around the country and believed to be more than 5,000 years old.

The famed Clava Cairns, a cemetery dating back to the bronze age filled with ancient monuments of piled stones. For Outlander fans this site was the inspiration for Craigh na Dun where Claire went back in time through the stones to 1743.

It is also a mystical place, with folktales full of fairies and “thin places”, where the earthly veil is pulled back to reveal where heaven meets our world. When Allison and Deb visited the Isle of Skye, they were convinced it was an area of high energy concentration or energy vortex (the intersections of natural electromagnetic earth energy, also known as ley lines).

A Taste of Luxury

Scottish fare hasn’t traditionally been known as gourmet cuisine, but just as a food revolution has taken over England, amazing food has come to Scotland, with many restaurants, such as Edinburgh’s Ondine – which offers fresh seafood and shellfish from the east coast of Scotland – making it onto the best restaurant lists in the U.K.

But while the duo had amazing meals at new and innovative restaurants, it was the shortbread, homemade scones with jam and clotted cream and a cuppa strong tea that really dazzled their taste buds. And oh yes, let’s not forget the whisky tastings.

There are 120 active distilleries spread across Scotland, and while Deb and Allison didn’t get to try them all – they got a feel for the five distinct regions where whisky is produced. It turns out where a whisky is made has a huge bearing on its taste. Everything from the water source to the peat in the area will come through in the flavour.

Another surprise was the variety of gin tastings to be found. Scotland is home to many of the world’s best-selling gins, such as Gordon’s, Tanqueray, and Hendricks, but only now is Scotland getting the attention it deserves for its expertise in gin production.

An Adventure in the Highlands

There is possibly no sight more dramatic than Edinburgh Castle looming high above as you arrive in the city. This is the city of the Royal Mile, which leads to Holyrood Palace, the official residence of Queen Elizabeth when she is in Scotland.

It is also where you can travel along the cobbled steps of the Old Town, then venture into the chic boutiques and trendy restaurants on Princes Street in the New Town. Of course, it is guaranteed that you will meet a few local “characters” along the way. This is the site of the original Fringe Festival, after all.

While Edinburgh can transport you to a glittering past filled with royal pomp and circumstance, Glasgow ushered in another era for Scotland. This is where Charles Rennie Macintosh designed his famous tea rooms and took Glasgow’s reputation in architecture and the decorative arts to world renown at the end of the 19th century.

Glasgow is also where statues of Sir Walter Scott and Robert Burns preside over the city’s principal meeting place, George Square – highlighting how important great literature is to this country.

But while these two great cities captured their imaginations, it was the countryside that really captured Allison and Deb’s hearts. From feasting on fresh mussels in Oban, a picturesque port town on the west coast of Scotland, to seeing double rainbows on the Isle of Mull, and meeting an assortment of friendly highland cows (pronounced heeland coos by the locals) – every day held an a unique and unexpected surprise.

So get ready for a magical trip to the land of Outlander, Harry Potter, and the mysterious Rosslyn Chapel, where Dan Brown set the finale of The Da Vinci Code.

“We are going to offer our travellers a chance to experience some amazing adventures they wouldn’t be able to find on their own,” says Allison. “Our hope is to give them a true sense of Scotland by exploring the land, learning about its history and ancient cultures, and connecting to its mystical side.

“We will, of course, include the high-quality accommodations and fine dining our guests have come to expect, along with the great camaraderie of like-minded travellers.”

A full itinerary is coming soon – so keep checking back to see what’s in store for you on this amazing tour of the mists, mystics and whisky trails of Scotland!

Unique travel experiences... where luxury, adventure and spirituality meet!



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Dreaming of El Camino

Dreaming of El Camino

A movie called The Way is a big reason Kathy Zurla wants to walk the Camino de Santiago.

“About eight years ago I saw Martin Sheen in The Way, a movie about a trek through the Camino. I had never heard of the area before seeing the movie. It was just amazing – the terrain, the country you go through, the people you meet along the journey. I thought, ‘One of these days I’m going to go there.’”

Since putting El Camino on her bucket list, Kathy was thrilled to hear that her high school friend and co-founder of The Divine Destination Collection Allison Frame was organizing a trip to walk the Camino. “I always wanted to do a trip with Allison. And this was a two-fold treat – going on one of Allison’s amazing vacations and fulfilling one of my bucket list dream items. I said I’m going on this trip no matter what!”

Kathy and Allison met at high school in Tokyo, and now it looks like two other high school chums will also be joining them on the El Camino next May. “This is a trip of friendship. I’m looking forward to being with lifelong friends – and making new friends,” she says.

The spiritual aspect of the trip is a large part of the appeal to Kathy. “The movie with Martin Sheen was about spiritual awareness – it will allow me to experience new feelings and learn about a new part of the world. I’m excited to leave my other world behind and open my heart and allow myself to be totally vulnerable.”

It’s a good thing that Kathy also loves to walk. For the last 13 years she has participated in the Avon Breast Cancer Walk, a two-day 40-mile walk to raise funds for breast cancer charities. “Training for the walk was not just for exercise, but also to challenge myself with endurance, set goals to go longer distances, and a way to clear my head after a long day at work. It was so cathartic.”

To train, Kathy walks five miles a day, and will soon start walking in hiking boots to get her feet used to wearing that type of shoe for the Camino terrain. “You are going to get blisters so you have to toughen your feet. Word of advice – don’t get a pedicure right before you leave, as it’ll make your feet too soft. You want the calluses to toughen up your feet for the days when you have a lot of miles to walk.”

A group setting:

Jenny Grajpel also wanted to travel with her long-time friend Allison. “It just hadn’t worked out for a number of reasons, but this trip really spoke to me.”

Not only did the Camino interest Jenny, she liked the idea of a group adventure. “I like the group energy, the group perspective. There are things they’ll give to me – and that I’ll give to them.”

It was also the spiritual aspect of the El Camino that really called to Jenny. “I don’t know exactly what it is – but there is a reason for me to go on this trip at this time.”

Jenny says she’s always been highly connected to the spiritual side of things throughout her life, and she often finds clues that guide her along the way. “I knew this was part of my journey.”

So instead of having any expectations for the trip, Jenny says she just knows she is going to get exactly what she needs. “I’m open to what will happen. It’s about trusting, and knowing that I’m supposed to be doing this.”

The physical experience:

Visiting Spain has always been on Victoria Worley’s bucket list. Then she heard about the Camino a few years ago and knew she wanted to go.

“I had friends who did the backpack thing – but I had no interest in roughing it and staying in hostels,” says Victoria. “This trip was very appealing and was the right time frame.”

The physical experience of walking 100 kilometres through varying terrain is what’s pulling Victoria towards El Camino. “If people tell me I can’t do it, I’m sure I can,” she laughs.

Victoria says her only fear is of injuring herself. So to prepare for El Camino she walks every day and takes in a boot camp, and is set to walk a half-marathon in February.

“I’m not sporty by any means,” she says, but four years ago, in 2014, she signed up to walk 2014 kilometres and enjoyed the challenge.

“This will actually be the first time I’ll be doing something just for myself, responsible for just me, not a daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother, or friend – just concerned with only my well-being and making myself happy – without fretting or worrying about anyone other than myself. Should be quite an experience!”

Stay tuned…

The Divine Destination Collection blog will catch up with all three women next year after they return from the Camino. Find out what they thought of the journey, which will take them through the last 100 km of the Camino Frances (French Way) to the iconic Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain.

Unique travel experiences... where luxury, adventure and spirituality meet!



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Group travel and the magic of a shared journey

Group travel and the magic of a shared journey

Some people wrinkle their noses when they hear about “group travel.” They might be picturing rowdy teenagers partying their way across Cancun, or crotchety seniors grumbling about a late dinner hour. That’s why we work so hard to ensure our groups click.

We once had a couple who won a trip for two on one of our Muskoka experiences at a charity silent auction.

Muskoka is a magical place, and the itinerary is all about reflection, rejuvenation and refinement. Many of our Muskoka guests are seeking mindful connection, with time to take inventory of their own spiritual wellbeing.

This couple, however, did not seem particularly spiritually inclined. At the welcome cocktail reception, we had an Indigenous elder come and speak about Muskoka, its history, energy and spirituality. This couple stood off to the side, unsure. As we do on all our trips, we made a point of introducing and including everyone, however, we wondered how they would fit in.

At first, they were quiet, watching, a little standoff-ish, gauging how the weekend was going to go. Over the next three nights, it was amazing to watch the change/transformation…they became engaged and animated and by the final night of the trip, they too were gathered around the campfire, singing and dancing! As we parted ways, they were the first to suggest a post-trip dinner and catch up with fellow travellers. As luck would have it, they joined us again the very next year!

Group travel can open doors that would otherwise remain hidden to solo travellers. It’s a chance to connect with like-minded people, and see and experience things in new ways, as travel mates share what they know or what they’re noticing.

But the connections aren’t always instant. Here are six ways we help our travel groups come together:
Connect before you go. We like to put people together, as though we’re welcoming friends for a dinner party, and have their commonalities and connections surface organically. We organize a pre-travel mixer to help our guests feel like they’re travelling with friends, not strangers, and to help people get familiar with the destination and the itinerary.
Plan trips together. Our Divine-by-Design Travel Advisory Board helps us plan itineraries featuring the sites and experiences that resonate most deeply with our travellers. Joining our Travel Advisory Board allows you to create the experience you want, with people who feel the same. The Divine Destination Collection trips are customized to reflect the interests and curiosities of our guests, meaning you’ll find like-minded explorers and an itinerary that appeals most to you.
Keep an open mind. While our itineraries are designed to meet the needs, wants & expectations of travellers, group travel by its very nature means there may be some elements that are more appealing than others. But keep an open mind. Allow space for connection. You may find it in unexpected places!
Rely on your hosts and guides. It’s our job to help our travel groups find cohesion. Co-founders Deb Niven and Allison Frame travel on all our trips and are an essential part of ensuring that everyone is made to feel welcome, included and an integral part of the overall experience. Our best trips happen when our travellers feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable to the place and the people they’re meeting. Lean on us to help you get there.
Take a little alone time if you need it. We understand that people want “white space” or leisure time and there are definitely elements of each program that are at leisure, for you to enjoy. Take a little space, take a deep breath, enjoy the magic of your surroundings. Reconnect with the group when the fancy strikes.
Go deeper. We also know people want to take full advantage of being in an exotic place, so we offer optional activities over and above the trip itinerary and hope travellers will use the additional offerings to immerse themselves deeper into the destination.
It’s always amazing to watch the relationships grow among our fellow travellers. We’ve had many experiences whereby the end of the trip, we hear our guests saying: ‘we gotta get together when we get back, let’s have dinner, let’s exchange emails.’

There is a magical alchemy to our trips that works on people and is truly heartwarming!

Unique travel experiences... where luxury, adventure and spirituality meet!



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Walking back to your authentic self with Sue Kenney, El Camino, Galicia

Walking back to your authentic self with Sue Kenney, El Camino, Galicia

This week we held our Camino Design & Reveal Session with our Divine-by-Design Travel Advisory Board and the room was buzzing with enthusiasm with what we have planned for our upcoming journey.

In this age of constant hyper connectivity to the digital world, there seems to be a lack of connection to something introspective, sacred and spiritual. Opportunities to stop, breathe and look deep inside ourselves are few and far between in this world of instant gratification, text messages, Facebook likes and digital connection. It should come as no surprise then, that spiritual travel destinations have grown in popularity since the introduction of cellphones, email and all the forces that keep us constantly plugged in, yet oddly disconnected.

May 6 – 14, 2019, we will take you on an incredible journey along the renowned Camino de Santiago, which is sure to leave your heart open and your spirit full. The Camino has been traversed for thousands of years, offering pilgrims an opportunity to reflect, transcend and rejuvenate their spirits. During the Middle Ages, millions of people made their way along the path (or way) to Santiago de Compostela. The route was nearly lost to history until authors began to highlight the Camino in their literary works a couple of decades ago, sparking interest in the Camino from abroad. The most famous was a 1987 novel by Paolo Coelho, “The Pilgrimage”.

The last 100 km journey along the famous Camino Frances (French Way) will lead us through Spain’s Galician countryside and end at the iconic Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela where the Apostle St. James is said to be interred.

Sue Kenney, bestselling author, inspirational speaker, coach & Dragon’s Den Barefooter will be joining us on our Divine pilgrimage.

Sue herself has walked all 800 km of the French Way and has also walked many of the other Caminos a multitude of times. Sue will be an integral part of our Camino experience…speaking at one of our pre-trip events, coaching our travellers to help prepare us physically, mentally and spiritually for this mystical journey. And while on site will lead us in sessions on Journaling and Barefooting (walking the Camino Barefoot allows the electromagnetic energy of the earth to ground and heal you).

At the beginning of our journey, you will receive your Camino Passport to have stamped along the way. We’ll begin every morning with a yoga stretch to awaken our physical body and connect with our spirit before embarking on each leg of our journey. We will dine, drink and picnic along the way as we take in the breathtaking Spanish landscape, charming villages and quaint local churches. We will also have a host of surprises woven into the fabric of the adventure.

This journey is not only one of travel, but one of introspection. Many have described their travels along El Camino as an intensely personal and transformational experience, both spiritually and physically.

We would be thrilled to have you join us for this experience of a lifetime along the Camino de Santiago May 6 – 14, 2019.

We will be going live with our registration within the upcoming weeks…Stay tuned for all the Divine Details!

Unique travel experiences... where luxury, adventure and spirituality meet!



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