Looking forward to travelling together again

As spring arrived in Toronto, a third wave of COVID-19 came with it, and another stay-at-home order was issued.

The idea of in-person travelling felt almost impossibly far away as Allison Frame sat down to watch a first cut of the new Divine Destination Collection compilation video she had been working on with producer/storyteller Allyson Reid of Chockablock Media.

“I burst into tears,” says Allison.

The video was so full of stunning footage of all the amazing locations Divine had travelled to, along with clips of travellers talking about once-in-a-lifetime experiences that were even more spectacular than they had imagined.

“It immediately brought me back to why we do what we do. We offer something very special,” says Allison. “It was time to get back on the horse and start thinking about travelling again.

“I got my mojo back!”

Elephants at a watering hole. On safari in South Africa - FB
Video Production
Mountain Gorillas Uganda
Churchill Polar Bears

While travel will obviously depend on how fast the world gets vaccinated, and how effectively we get COVID-19 and all its variants under control, Allison and her Divine Destination Collection co-founder Deb Niven are already starting to plan some possible trips for 2022.

“We had been planning a trip to South Africa before the pandemic broke out,” says Allision. “We’re still hoping to do that, with the addition of a side trip to Uganda to see gorillas, but for our first trip we will probably stay in Canada.”

The beauty of Canada’s north had been calling to Allison and Deb ever since the successful Divine Live and Online experience with polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba, last year – but that will depend on many factors, such as whether a mandatory 14-day quarantine will still be in effect.

“A trip to the States could also be a possibility – but everything is up in the air right now,” says Allison. “We’ll continue exploring our options and let our travellers in on the details as soon as we can confirm a great location. We know everyone is eager to get back to travelling!”

Scotland Experience
South Africa Group Photo
South Africa Group Photo


Until then, both Deb and Allison have relied on some wonderful travel memories to keep them engaged and hopeful about being able to explore the world again.

“The majority of the travel memories that have soothed me over this time are from our Divine Destination Collection encounters,” says Deb.

“I have mused wistfully about the Varty Camp in the Londolozi game reserve in South Africa. The safari, and being up-close and personal with the animals, was beyond captivating. Our accommodations, the team at Varty Camp, and the camaraderie with our travellers was off the charts.

“On top of that, words cannot express appropriately how enchanted and spellbound I was by every second of every minute of every day we were in Scotland. Sacred doesn’t even begin to describe the majesty of the scenery and the way we all opened to deeper parts of ourselves individually, and in connection with one another.”

Africa is also a favourite memory for Allison. “It’s a place of great contrasts – from the modern, funky vibe of Cape Town, to the untouched beauty of the bush, and the incredible majesty of sitting on the edge of the great Victoria Falls. It’s the cradle of humanity. Africa changes who you are.”

Allison has also been thinking about the group’s trip to Peru. “We experienced so much – the sophistication of the coastal city of Lima, the serenity of the Sacred Valley and Cusco, and the mystical ceremonial ruins of Machu Picchu that had been hidden for centuries. Then we flew to the Amazon, chartered a small cruise ship, kayaked with the famous pink dolphins, were mesmerized by jungle wildlife and brought children’s school supplies to a remote village.”


While both Allison and Deb are eager to return to Africa, and Deb wouldn’t mind a luxury Caribbean cruise to some of the more out of the way islands like Mustique and St. Barts – what they want most is to be with their Divine Destination Collection travellers again.

Although many have joined in on the virtual Divine Live and Online adventures, Deb can’t wait for that first event when they can get together in-person with their “like-minded brethren.”

“We have such a connection, and I always come away from engaging with each and every one of our fans with an open heart and a warm feeling. We are all seekers and hungry to experience different cultures. We are open to the journey and just love to have fun. We also all happen to enjoy a great vintage. It’s an amazing combination of wonderful personalities,” she says.

“Many of our travellers have been on multiple trips with us, so we have formed strong friendships,” adds Allison. “Their support and enthusiasm, and their amazing sense of adventure, is just incredible. They truly say ‘yes’ to life!”

Simplicity Beach, Mustique
Galapagos hammerhead shark


Hope is on the horizon with the vaccine roll-out, and while The Divine Destination Collection is working hard to offer some great travel adventures, they are also looking for travel partners that will help them give back to the places they visit.

For example, while preparing for the upcoming April 28 Divine Live and Online experience with their team in Galápagos, Allison learned that they charge a “carbon off-set fee” to each tourist that goes to purchase land in the Amazon to keep it from being destroyed.

“I need to travel for my soul. I really miss the excitement of new experiences and new locations, but the pandemic has given us time to think about our impact on the world, and the need to be more thoughtful and mindful of where we travel and the effect we have,” says Allison. “We need to be kind to Mother Nature and mankind.”

Galapagos land iguana
Varanasi Sadhus


In addition to the upcoming Coming Back to our own Nature…Galápagos Islands – A Natural Selection, there are two more Divine Live and Online trips planned for this year.

On Sunday, May 30 you have the chance to travel down winding alleyways to explore the famous Souks, or marketplaces, of Marrakech, and experience the Berber way of life in the High Atlas Mountains with Marrakech Expressions… The Magic of Morocco.

Then it’s time to travel even farther east to Japan for Cherry Blossoms and Kyoto… Between Bough and Zen. Besides seeing the beautiful cherry blossoms in bloom, you’ll visit ancient Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples, and meet a Zen Buddhist priest who’ll share his wisdom around meditation and the Zen way of life.

And to keep you excited about travelling in person again, be sure to check out the new Divine Destination Collection promotional video HERE .

Cherry blossoms and parasols, Kyoto

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