Buen Camino, which literally means “good path/way”, is a salutation one hears daily and often while walking the Camino de Santiago de Compostela (St. James Way) in northern Spain.

Saint JamesIf you have been following us on social media, you are likely aware of the recent trip that The Divine Destination Collection’s own Deb & Allison were scouting out as an upcoming destination for May of 2019. There are many Caminos (or Ways) that stretch throughout the region. The most famous is the Camino Frances (or the French Way), which is a whopping 800kms; however, not to worry, we are creating a Divine Experience that covers the last 100 km, allowing everyone the opportunity to receive their official “Pilgrim Papers”. For centuries pilgrims have walked this route to the Cathedral de Santiago de Compostela where the remains of St. James were laid to rest.

The walk is a true reflection of life with all its ups and downs…on the one hand, beautiful quaint villages, stunning tree-lined paths, fresh running brooks, colourful flora…and, on the other hand, steep gruelling hills, fog & rain. A wonderful opportunity for contemplation, introspection, comraderie with fellow pilgrims and gratitude. There is no doubt that the Camino pushes you, pushes on you and allows you to truly look at yourself from a different perspective.

In addition to pilgrims continuously buoying your spirits and efforts, there are words of motivation, in the form of graffiti in a variety of languages, that emerge always at the right moment. These are just a few of the messages that we spotted along the way:

  • “You will never know unless you try.”
  • “Always be yourself. “
  • “Love wins”
  • “Be here now.”
  • “Pray and Chill”

Church bells ring out, the sounds of acapella outdoor opera performances drift through the warm air, pilgrims with walking sticks make the last push to the medieval city centre and the magnificent Cathedral…yes you have arrived in Santiago de Compostela, your final destination where the many Caminos converge.

Join us in May of 2019 to experience first-hand this life-changing journey, complete with fresh local cuisine, fantastic regional wines and beautifully quaint accommodation (and of course, our trip wouldn’t be complete without a few surprises!)). Stay tuned for all the divine details, coming soon to our website.

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