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While COVID-19 has forced us all to change our travel plans – it has not deterred The Divine Destination Collection from searching out and curating an incredibly unique array of adventures for you to experience this year.

Imagine travelling the globe to meet fascinating people, take in the beauty of nature, and enjoy unexpected delights without worrying about face masks, quarantines, and social distancing. You’ll be able to experience all that – along with the impeccable combination of comfort, adventure and spirituality that you have come to expect from The Divine Destination Collection.

“We have always been interested in the personal journey we take while we visit another part of the world,” says The Divine Destination Collection co-founder Allison Frame. “Learning about ourselves as we explore other cultures, traditions, and beliefs has always been at the centre of all of our trips – so while we can’t physically transport ourselves to a new setting, we have found a way to enjoy a fantastic virtual experience that captures those same profound moments of personal discovery.”

Welcome to Divine Live and Online – a series of live, up-close and personal encounters that will inspire and transform you as you visit some of the most remote and exotic locales on earth.

Just imagine the awe of seeing whales frolic in the ocean by one of the largest coastal rainforests in the world, learning about the life-changing power of Spain’s El Camino from a modern-day pilgrim, visiting South Africa for an exclusive conversation with a personal aide and friend to Nelson Mandela, or meeting up with some friendly gorillas in Uganda.

Those are just a few of the adventures that await you on Divine Live and Online.

Conscious Conversation Call

The evolution to Divine Live and Online

This curated virtual travel series is the natural evolution from The Conscious Conversation Collection! The Divine Destination Collection community came together this spring through a series of Zoom calls to discuss what was happening in the world, learn how meditation and breathing exercises can help reduce anxiety, and travel to Hunkapi Farms in Arizona to meet an extraordinary horse named Alfie and explore the healing nature of horses.

In fact, that virtual trip to Arizona, called Horseplay with Heart was so successful that Allison and The Divine Destination Collection co-founder Deb Niven realized that they could use the magic of Zoom to take participants on live adventures around the world.

A Brave New World

A brave new world awaits

“A brave new world requires a brave new offering – so we opened up our minds to new possibilities and created a series of six once-in-a-lifetime adventures that will transport participants to places most people will never have the chance to visit, and take part in some incredible experiences,” says Allison. “Make no mistake, this is no ordinary Zoom call. Each adventure is hosted by a local expert who shares inside knowledge and personal stories with us for a truly interactive and exclusive experience.”

And since The Divine Destination Collection has always been committed to leaving a place better for having been there – a donation will be made to the host’s favourite charitable organization at each destination.

Created as a subscription service, you can choose from either one, four, or six Divine Live and Online adventures. Affordable and unique, it is just $269.00 CDN + HST for all six experiences, $199.00 CDN + HST for any four, or $59.00 CDN + HST per single experience. To make the deal even sweeter, if you refer a friend who signs up for a subscription – you will receive 10% off your next subscription!

And don’t worry, each call is recorded, so if you have subscribed and are unavailable for the live call, it will be available to you for private viewing at your leisure.

Zelda & Mandela

First stop – South Africa

Divine Live and Online kicks off on June 30 with a journey to South Africa entitled Be the Change You Want to See in the World – where we will have a private audience with Zelda la Grange, founding staff member of the Presidential Office of Nelson Mandela.

Zelda will share life-changing experiences and personal anecdotes from working by Mandela’s side for almost 20 years. Now, more than ever, we can all benefit from the resilience and approach to life that made Nelson Mandela one of the most admired leaders and humanitarians of our time.

Perfect Group Cathedral Shot - Camino, Spain

Travel the El Camino

In July we will venture back to the Camino in Spain, where several Divine Destination Collection travellers visited in 2019. Called Pilgrimages & Vintages – we will combine wine and walking as we talk to Sue Kenney, who has been walking the Camino for over 16 years and will share how the Camino can change your life, with a discussion of the many fabulous wines from the region with Jessica Chaikowsky, wine scholar and owner of the Wine Agency Gusto Grapes, who will of course also provide some great suggestions for a few Spanish wines to sip on during the call!

Zelda & Mandela

A healing forest walk

In August we return to Canada for Finding Nimmo! an exclusive wilderness experience at Nimmo Bay, located beside British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest.

Our expert wilderness guide will take us along on a boat ride to explore this amazing part of the Pacific coast for some whale watching and an up-close exploration of the abundant plant and animal life in the area. We’ll then experience the healing benefits of the rainforest with a mindful and nurturing guided meditation.

Zelda & Mandela

The power of nature

In September we will meet up with a fascinating wildlife and literacy activist who will share how the mystic and the natural world are intertwined in Into the Mystic… 40 Days & 40 Nights in the South African Bush with Boyd Varty.

Boyd Varty, who realized a lifelong dream this April as he went into the African wilderness alone for 40 days and 40 nights, will help us explore the dynamics of solitude and what it means to be wild. His insights are particularly timely as the world goes into a collective time of reflection during the global shutdown due to the pandemic. We’ll discuss how our relationship with nature must evolve, and how we need to think deeply about the way we live.

Perfect Group Cathedral Shot - Camino, Spain

The wild worlds of gorillas

In October we travel to Uganda for a private gorilla trek called These Gorillas Just Can’t Be Mist!

Uganda is one of the best locations in the world to view these endangered animals. We will journey high in the hills near the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest where gorillas are fiercely protected and access is limited to preserve the habitat of these amazing animals.

Churchill Polar Bears

The Great White North, Eh!

Finally, in November we take our last Divine Live and Online trip of the year to Churchill, Manitoba, where we will be invited to board a custom-built Arctic Crawler™ to visit polar bears, Arctic fox, Arctic hare, and the camouflaged ptarmigan, as well as see beluga whales in Hudson Bay and the Churchill River. Join Lions and Tigers and Bears… Oh My! for a front row seat with Lazy Bear Expeditions to see these amazing animals in their own habitat, along with interactive commentary from a wildlife expert.

Remember you, can sign up for all six adventures, or select four, or one. Click to learn more and register for Divine Live and Online.

The Divine Destination Collection looks forward to welcoming you to explore the world in an exciting new way!

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