Influencer Partnership

As an Influencer with The Divine Destination Collection, you are great fans of our product and you want to travel with us someday.

You are definitely interested in keeping the relationship going. You want to remain informed and are excited to share our offerings with people in your network who appreciate and are interested in indulging in our unique travel experiences.


  • If you are a member of a private club, or have access to groups in our demographic, it may be advantageous to hold an event that we would consider sponsoring. This would be reviewed and approved by The Divine Destination Collection prior to any event.
  • It is also beneficial to promote our Divine-by-Design Travel Advisory Board to potential travellers. This unique experience convenes like-minded luxury travellers. Once approved, members are invited to participate in three live events, helping to determine destinations, providing feedback on our unique inclusions and experiencing a journey, long before the trip travels.
  • Collateral to support your conversations include our website, our generic brochure, our Divine-by-Design Travel Advisory Board brochure and printed invitation, individual trip collateral, and video of Allison and Deb explaining our concept and our travel experiences. We will also send you our monthly newsletter to keep you abreast of any developments. On our website, there are also supporting videos of some of our unique travel experiences.


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Divine-by-Design <br>Travel Advisory Board

Have you ever wondered how a luxury travel experience from The Divine Destination Collection is designed? Well, satisfy your inquisitive nature and wonder no more…

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We love our interaction with you, consider you like-minded and greatly appreciate your opinions and all of the support you have given us. In order to appropriately recognize you for influencing people to actually book and travel, we have the following offer.


  • 5% of the value of the per person trip cost (before airfare and HST taxes), paid in full to you personally upon completion of their trip. This would apply for each individual person booked and travelled.
  • This amount can either be paid out in cash or banked for use on future Divine Destination Collection trips.
  • If you are able to influence a minimum of 2 people to travel with us per year we will continue to consider you an Influencer and host you to a private dinner (Divine Destination Collection style) annually to share ideas and garner feedback.

Influencer Partnership

If you know others who are equally as connected as you and feel they would be interested in the Influencer Partnership share this page or click below for more information.

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