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Shayne Traviss (Mover and Shaker, Spiritual Practitioner) describes his experience with The Divine Destination Collection in an excerpt from “Kristen White – The Ripple Effect” radio interview – July 3, 2013
Kristen White – The Ripple Effect

“This Arizona experience was magical- beautiful- entertaining – moving-memorable! Learned a lot- laughed a lot- met some truly amazing people, thank you so much for even making it a possibility! The Divine Destination Collection is wonderful … The experiences unforgettable… I can’t wait for the next one!!!” ~ Amy C.

“You can’t put a price on magic; this was a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, which fulfilled my every desire & expectation.” ~ Suse F.

“I was sceptical that The Divine Destination Collection could blend Spirit and Adventure with Luxury but after returning from the Arizona (Scottsdale / Sedona) trip I’m now a big promoter!
The luxury was incredible – every small detail was cared for, from a private tasting of an incredible selection of local tequilas with live Spanish guitar flowing to an amazing dinner in the Sedona canyons watching the full moon rise.
Adventure was well suited to offer challenge without excluding – from “catching” our own horses, kayaking down a fun river to a private winery, to hiking the Sedona canyons… I was completely fulfilled.
For me it is the Spiritual aspect that had and is having the deepest impact… in fact learnings are STILL unfolding over a week later – I experienced a deep personal breakthrough while interacting with horses, had the opportunity to speak one-on-one with an amazing medicine woman, and have been experiencing a subtle but powerful transformation started by a simple walk with a rose.
I can’t think of any other place to get what I got from my week with The Divine Destination Collection. From all parts of my heart I thank you for creating this experience. The memories, learnings, and friends are truly priceless. Thank you!” ~ Kyle P.

Muskoka Testimonials

“Hi Deb & Allison,

Well, it has been a few days for all of us – back to reality, the grind, whatever you call daily life! I have spent this time reflecting back, as memories pop into my head; and a smile crosses my face or a silent giggle. I have spread the word, with rave reviews, to everyone in my universe, as they have all called to ask about my big 3 day getaway!! I built this up deliberately to all of them prior to the trip – and you sure delivered, as I knew you both would.


I am a huge fan, and I will do what I can to promote your business. I was observing / listening to everyone at one time or another throughout the trip; and as each of us revealed ourselves to one another – in small or big ways – I saw something or heard something in them, that is in me, was in me before, may be in me one day!! Connections. Circling. Exchanges. I truly believe everyone left full hearted. It doesn’t get better than that!


Thank you for your attention, your hospitality, your professionalism, and your sense of fun.
I absolutely loved it.” ~ Erin

“Dear Allison and Deb

I am writing to you both to thank you for the most wonderful, inspirational, soulful, experience at Muskoka with Divine Destination Collection. Words cannot say how much the weekend inspired me to re-connect with myself. I left my comfort zone and went there without really knowing anyone or what to expect. What I experienced was amazing. Krista Moore’s workshop was “Transformational” and I allowed myself to let go and let in new ideas. It was truly inspirational.
I met wonderful people who were real and were kind. I enjoyed the beauty of nature. I experienced luxury that was true perfection. I developed friendships that will continue into my future. And I laughed and I laughed. What more can I say. Sometimes life allows us an opportunity to go outside of the box and to open our eyes to see all the wonderful opportunities we have in life. My weekend with you did this for me and I thank you.

The resort, the food, the company, the program…. everything was absolutely outstanding! I am already passing the word to many of my family and friends to look into the next experience with the Divine Destination Collection.” ~ Jane Saundercook

“I loved everything, the yoga was outstanding-the food and accommodations out of this world! Great people, great conversations. Looking forward to the next one.” ~ Carol A.

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