Unique travel experiences…Where luxury, adventure and spirituality meet

Re-imagine the way you travel, with refined travel experiences designed to delight your curiosity, touch your soul and rejuvenate your spirit.

We pamper you with sumptuous food and drink, luxurious accommodation and uncommon encounters that connect you with local culture, people and lore. Share laughter, joy and magical moments that will last a lifetime.



Mayan Riviera & Tulum, Mexico

The Great Mayan Mystery

A coastline of rainforest, white sands and turquoise waters is the backdrop for the wealth of experiences that awaits you on the Mayan Riviera. Not only is it the perfect place bask in the beauty of the Caribbean coast, but it’s also the ideal location to discover Mayan civilization’s past and present.

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South Africa

A Land For All Seasons

A country of magnificent vistas and awe-inspiring beauty. A place that feeds the soul and fills the heart with an intoxicating sense of wonder. Come on the Divine Destination Collection journey that will touch your senses in so many ways that you’ll leave forever changed.

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Thin Places – A Soulful Celtic Journey

When traveling with the Divine Destination Collection on this soulful 5 night experience, you will be immersed in luxury and comfort as you begin your magical journey in Dublin. From there we venture to the west coast of the emerald isle…The Burren, crashing surf, Celtic tradition, sacred places, castles…a journey that also reveals the lyrical, musical and poetic nature of this romantic and picturesque place. Discover Ireland with the Divine Destination Collection, where luxurious accommodation, gourmet food and wines, comfort and introspection combine to create a unique and enchanting travel experience

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Scottsdale & Sedona, Arizona

Phoenix also rises. Ascend to the Majesty, Mystery & Magic of Arizona.

Once home to a thriving Native American community, this area still vibrates with the spirit of the ancient ones. Arizona also has some of the nation’s most luxurious accommodations, great shopping, excellent restaurants and a history and spirit of the west just waiting to be discovered. Horse Play with Heart or “from Water to Wine” (river rafting, to a private winery for wine tasting and a gourmet dinner) are just a hint at what lies in store for guests on our magical five night experience in this powerful and rich destination.

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Muskoka, Ontario

Unveiled and Re-imagined… Autumn Reflections, Rejuvenation and Refinement

This is Muskoka Unveiled. Experience the luxury of the JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka Resort & Spa, the serenity of the lakeside in the autumn, and a program that will wine you, dine you and reveal the mystery and magic of this region.

Let go, surrender as we take you into Ontario’s much loved Muskoka. Be prepared to be transformed… experience the beauty and magic of this destination as it transitions through the seasons…

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Organized trips for private groups don’t get any better

The Divine Destination Collection (TDDC) trips are specifically designed for small groups. If you’re the lead organizer, our pre-designed trips make life easy, allowing you to spend your time enjoying the trip with the people who really matter.

TDDC founders Deb Niven and Allison Frame accompany their guests on every private trip they organize. Their care, attention to detail and engaging personalities guarantee you and your group an impeccable travel experience. TDDC works with organizers to find the best date, optional activities and amount of leisure time to suit the needs of your group.

Designed for groups of 15-30 people, of all ages and walks of life

Our private group trips are designed for groups of 15-30 people, and cater to people of all ages and from all walks of life. Whether you’re in a relationship, single, gay or straight, TDDC would love to show you the wonders of our divine destinations.

TDDC group trips are perfect for milestones, special events, or simply for friends who love to travel together. Booking a private trip to a divine destination gives everybody an excellent opportunity to bond, celebrate and enjoy each other’s company.

Special incentives for trip organizers

If the promise and excitement of exploring a divine destination with family, friends or colleagues wasn’t enough, we’re offering a special incentive for those who bring the group together. Organizers of private group trips will receive a complimentary trip on us, airfare excluded. It’s our way of saying “thanks.”

Give us a call, and let’s hear your plans.

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