Scottsdale & Sedona, Arizona

Phoenix also rises. Ascend to the Majesty, Mystery & Magic of Arizona


Come away with The Divine Destination Collection… as we reveal the luxury of Scottsdale and the majesty of Sedona in comfort, style and the spirit of discovery and adventure.

Located in Arizona’s high desert under the towering southwestern rim of the vast Colorado Plateau. Almost the entire world knows that Sedona, strategically situated at the mouth of the spectacular Oak Creek Canyon, is a unique place. Characterized by massive red-rock formations, stunning and awe-inspiring, the area surrounding this beloved community surpasses magnificence.

Once home to a thriving Native American community, this area still vibrates with the spirit of the ancient ones. Arizona also has some of the nation’s most luxurious accommodations, great shopping, excellent restaurants and a history and spirit of the west just waiting to be discovered. Horse Play with Heart or “from Water to Wine” (river rafting, to a private winery for wine tasting and a gourmet dinner) are just a hint at what lies in store for guests on our magical five night experience in this powerful and rich destination.  

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